What are the current trends in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry?

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What are the current trends in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry?


Global alterations in the manufacture, supply, and supervisory models are expressively varying the nature of Pharma Companies. Technological inventions, supply chain growths and interference by non-traditional administrations in remaining souks have presented new difficulties for pharmaceutical manufacturers to acclimate and revolutionize their procedures.

Global competition is growing even as local product unavailability cause costs to upsurge and lead to actions by private and public welfares.

The successful application and management of new equipment submissions will regulate how well pharmaceutical manufacturers are able to respond to changes in supply and distribution.

1.Scarcity of Generic Drug

India is currently facing a scarcity of generic drugs, both for over-the-counter products and basic circulatory elements used by infirmaries for various patients. An assembly of factors is contributing to the ongoing shortage, including the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria which unsettled the pharmaceutical supply chain.

2.Predictive Analytics

Digitizing processes enables manufacturers to build more informative product lifespan replicas that apply data taken by these new analytics.

3.Inventory Control

Growing pharmaceutical production is also engendering a greater reputation for storing and material handling systems that can deliver the level of security and preservability drug products required for regulatory compliance.

4.Global Standard for Generic Drug Manufacturing

The FDA needs to familiarize their new common generic drug standards as an approbation for all international administrative involvements to follow. This would rise keenness among manufacturers internationally and provide better charges for customers

5.The rise in Production Costs

The scarcity of generic drugs is both an indication of and an influence in rising pharmaceutical product prices. Some pharmaceutical manufacturers have raised prices and abandoned product lines in response.

6.3D Printing

The FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) has been showing their own appraisal of the feasibility of 3D printed drug products and have comprised it in their Emerging Technology Program which provides leadership and support for technology under review for introduction into drug manufacturing.


Automation in research and development provides the biggest possible ROI for rationalization pharmaceutical manufacture, and while leading countries manufacturers have customarily commanded in this area, global opposition in the current market is intimidating to relocate them.


The Internet of Technology (IoT) includes all devices which feature a sensor and remote connection. Though IoT may remembrance more wireless communication applications, its true value is resulting from being able to capture real-time data from all stages in production and distribution chains when devices are implemented properly.


Digitization has been used to describe a board range of technical additions, but its most valued deliverable for constructor’s data – specifically real-time data streams that provide criminal information bagged on demand at any point throughout the supply chain.

10.Competitiveness and Alliance

One of the FDA’s rejoinders to the quandary has been to upsurge keenness in the pharmaceutical manufacturing market by agreeing on the excursion of growth for certain generic drugs.


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