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Rakt Shuddhi – The Herbal Blood Purifier


Rakt Shuddhi Blood Purifier by Healing pharma India Pvt Ltd which cleans blood to give you pimple free skin with normal glow. Its characteristic detailing works from inside to purify blood and attacks microorganisms with the goal that the blood gets cleansed and there is improvement in pimples or other skin infirmities.



  • (Adults) 2 tablespoonful (10 ml) twice daily or as directed by the physician.


The syrup comes in a bottle with a metal screw cap. The container is housed in an external or outer carton which details about the item. The syrup comes in 200ml.


  • Detoxify Blood & Removes Harmful Impurities & Toxins.
  • Improves Skins Texture by Removing the Origins of Acne.
  • For All Ages.
  • Made with Natural Herbal Ingredients.
  • For Pimple Free with Natural glow.
  • Safe & effective.
  • Reduces acidity and gastric problems.
  • Prevents recurrence of pimples


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