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Review of Sunroof Lotion


No one can bear the scorching sun. It is at peak even winters. And therefore everyone needs to take at most care of their skin. Because who can tolerate those harmful rays and the sunburns caused due to it. There are lot of solutions to prevent sunburn and tanning though. But the best solution among all is applying Sunscreen. I would like to clear one thing here itself that Sunscreen is not needed only when you go out but it is also essential even if you are at home.

The SPF in Sunscreen not only protects us from the harmful sun rays but also protects us from skin cancer. Plus it naturally increases the overall skin health by preventing wrinkles, sagging of the skin. So Sunscreen should be added to your skincare regimen. There are several sunscreens available in the market for every skin type with different SPF so Buy Sunscreen accordingly.

There are some factors that one should keep in mind before choosing a perfect sunscreen for their skin. You can refer these if you are facing any difficulty while buying a perfect sunscreen for you.

  1. SPF

Sun protection factor (Sun Protecting Factor) is to measure how efficient a sunscreen is in protecting your skin from UVB rays. The ideal measurement of SPF which is recommended by any dermatologist is 50. So read on the box before buying.

  1. Skin type

The second most important factor that should be considered before buying a sunscreen is to check whether it is suitable for your skin. For that fir you need to know your own skin type and check the description box of the sunscreen and if it’s not mentioned on the package you can go for a patch test before purchasing it. Although nowadays sunscreen are made for all skin types, no particular sunscreen is available for one particular skin type.

  1. Sweat and Water-resistant

It is important to check whether your Sunscreen is Sweat and water-resistant because sweat can occur anytime and water-resistant is also recommended.

  1. Cream/Lotion, Powder or Spray

One last factor to check before buying sunscreen is whether the sunscreen is in Lotion/Cream form or in Powder form or in a spray form Because Lotion/creams last longer and our main focus is to protect ourselves as much as we can.

Keeping all these points in mind, I purchased a Sunscreen called Sunroof Lotion from Tafrepa and I was so amazed to see the results after regular usage. This sunscreen comes in a yellow tube packaging. The price of the product is Rs.180/- for 60 ml. It is not greasy at all, unlike other sunscreens. It made my skin look healthy and nourished. It has SPF 50 and is suitable for all skin types. Sunroof lotion is sweat and water-resistant too. What else do you want?  Everything is included in the product which is required and essential for our skin. You name it you get it.

I am quite happy after using this lotion. I seriously recommend this product to everyone not only because of the above factors but it is budget-friendly. So go for it, you guys. Click here to Buy Sunscreen Lotion. And get yours too. Also, you can check Tafrepa to get 20% off on all Healthcare and Personal Care Products



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