Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer prevent to Corona-virus

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Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer prevent to Corona-virus


Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers are easy to use, easy to use and often easy to find. While there is the right way to use hand-held cleaners for maximum benefit, it may be more important to know when to use it may not be the best choice. Hand cleaners can help kill microorganisms, but they are not effective for all bacteria and are not available for other substances that can be found in your hands.


How helpful is hand sanitizer?

They are helpful in hospitals and help prevent hospital staff from transmitting viruses and bacteria from one patient to another. Outside the hospital, it is difficult to prove that hand-washing products are useful.


Can Hand Cleaners Protect You from the Corona-Virus?

Hand-Sanitizers bundles can help you protect yourself from infection – viruses and bacteria – when used correctly in the right scene. This means applying at least 60% Alcohol based hand sanitizer, using the target amount (read the label), rubbing it completely, waiting for it to dry before any other with your hand.


How it works

Hand hygiene producers are used for hand or soap and water. They are alcohol-containing gels that kill bacteria on the skin. Alcohol immediately and effectively kills bacteria and most viruses. Alcohol can be very dry around the skin, so most brands of Sameen can also contain moisturizing skin to reduce dryness and irritation.



  • Hand sanitizer is convenient, portable, easy to use and time-consuming.
  • Several studies have concluded that the risk of transmission of gastric (gastric) and respiratory infections has been reduced in households that use hand sanitizer.
  • Studies have shown that adding hand sanitizer to the classroom can reduce students’ absence from work by 20%. In addition, many children find immediate hand disinfection bundles to be fun to use.

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