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Healing Pharma is a contract manufacturer and marketers of Generic Prescription Drugs having the capacity to manufacture Tablets, Capsules, Liquids, Powder, Ointments and Injectibles including Parental.

Mission : Is to harness the possibility engendered by Government of India & Indian Medical Association initiative in regulating Drug prices through making it mandatory for the prescribing Healthcare professional to prescribe Generic name along with its Brand and more particularly the drugs/medicines covered under the DPCO so that it is manufactured at low cost from SME sector to contain the spurt in Prices of the Branded Generic and to make the same formulations affordable to common people.

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Vision : The vision of Healing Pharma is to garner specializations in manufacture and Market of all segments of Generic Drugs that shall include product through in-house Research & Development maintaining the same & similar bioequivalence.


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