Agefine Forte Inj

Agefine Forte Inj

International Name :
Agefine Forte Inj
Active Ingredient :
Glutathione Injection
Manufacturer :
Healing Pharma
Form :
Packing :


Agefine Forte Inj (thing that somebody can do well) is an Advanced Skin Whitening Treatment for Females.

It contains Glutathione which is an incredible body-ensuring synthetic that is made in the body’s phones. Its dimensions decline because of (old/permitting to get old/getting more established), stretch, and toxic concoction presentation. Boosting glutathione may give numerous medical advantages, including decrease of oxidative pressure.

Agefine (thing that somebody can do well) contains Vitamin C just as Alpha Lipoic Acid.Vitamin C supports your skin’s (solid, adaptable, fiber-like protein) generation to give you firmer, all the more full skin and smooth out scarce differences and wrinkles. Age and sun harm cause us to lose (solid, adaptable, fiber-like protein), prompting wrinkles and hanging skin. The body-securing concoction properties of nutrient C enable battle to body harming synthetic compounds and harm caused by UV radiation.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is an exceedingly solid body-securing compound and can reestablish a restored skin appearance, enhancing obvious skin surface and tone when connected topically. Its enemy of swelling impacts additionally help diminish unmistakable redness and blotchiness, bringing about skin condition that seems all the more even and regularly making establishment superfluous.


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