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Facefine Facewash

International Name :
Face Fine bubble Face Wash
Active Ingredient :
Anti Acne Facewash
Manufacturer :
Healing Pharma
Form :
Face Wash
Strength :
60 ml


One of the most effective ways to prevent and treat acne is to regularly wash with cleansers that are designed to keep skin clear and healthy. These acne washes are typically inexpensive, widely available, and simple to use. Choosing the right one may take some trial and error as everyone’s skin is different.

When it comes to clearing up acne, Facefine Facewash from Healing Pharma is a total powerhouse ingredient. It kills the bacteria on your face that causes acne to form, so not only will it banish your pimples, it’ll stop them from forming in the first place. But for oily skin, it’s a great option and can even slow the over-production of oils. This wash from Differing is gentle enough to use daily for oily skin types.It dries out active acne.

Side Effects:

  • Abnormal Peeling Of Skin.
  • Dry Skin.
  • Feeling Warm
  • Redness Of Skin
  • Stinging Of Skin.




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