Proti Boost 200ml Syrup

Proti Boost 200ml Syrup

International Name :
Proti Boost 200ml Syrup
Active Ingredient :
Protein Hydrolysate (20%) 400mg+Ferric Ammonium Citrate(e.q. to elemental iron 5mg) 25mg+L-lysine Monohydrochloride 25mg+Niacinamide 4mg+D-panthenol 0.40mg+Pyridoxine Hcl 0.25mg+Folic Acid 50mcg+Vitamin B12 0.15mcg+Zinc Sulphate (2.5mg elemental zinc) 11mg+Carbohydrate 2.0gm
Manufacturer :
Healing Pharma India Pvt Ltd
Form :
Packing :
Strength :
200 ml


Information :

  • Proti Boost syrup is a advanced formula of high concentration of nutrients or vitamins, essential minerals and Zinc. Zinc has been observed to be significant for boosting up immunity.
  • Proti Boost develops as a effective immune booster which ensures a strong of immunity.
  • Nutrient An advances solid cell development while Vitamin C assists with the development and repair of tissues in all pieces of your body.
  • Proti Boost syrup can be utilized a healthful enhancement and helps in the absorption of calcium by the body too.



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