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Healing Pharma is a dynamic player in the pharmaceutical industry, zealously moulding ideas into reality with precision for the future of healthcare.

Manufacturing and marketing Quality Medicines at Affordable cost for all!

Established in the year 2018, Healing Pharma embarked on its journey on a mission to provide top-notch healthcare solutions to people across the country at the best price.Our product range involves of diverse portfolio specializing in generic drugs, ranging from Cardiac, Diabetic, Nutraceuticals, Gastrointestinal, Antibiotic, Anti-Fungal, OTC, Skincare, Immunosuppressant’s, and many more.

Renowned as one of the best third-party pharma manufacturers in India, Healing Pharma initiated its journey by exporting and supplying medications crafted with high-quality and approved ingredients.The dedicated team of quality controllers works day in and out to certify each product has gone through a stringent quality check before it reaches the customers.

To further guarantee the safety and integrity of our products, each item is accurately sealed, and packed. This rigorous process of packaging further eliminates any kind of tampering, assuring products are safe for consumption. Such rigorous measures have positioned us as the top pharma exporter in Mumbai, committed to delivering compromising quality to individuals seeking effective and affordable healthcare solutions.

GROW WITH USWhat Is Our Mission & Vision?

At Healing Pharma India Pvt. Ltd. (HPIPL), our goal is to enhance the quality of life of every individual by delivering the best quality medicines at an affordable cost.
Our Mission

Healing Pharma India Pvt. Ltd (HPIPL) holds a firm foundation by strongly following the principles laid down by the experts. Healing Pharma India’s mission is to be socially responsible and improve the quality of health care for every individual worldwide. The company stands strong by the motto to deliver the Best Quality, Affordable medicines, and Improved Healthcare.

Our Promise

Like in every business, customers are the core believers in any products and services. We at Healing Pharma (HPIPL), constantly strive to serve our consumers with genuine, safe, and timely solutions that comply with our stringent tests.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be realistic, dynamic, and innovative in the pharmaceutical industry. Healing Pharma (HPIPL) is not just known to be on the top of the list as a medicine supplier in India but, also aims to follow the ethics of the right and fair business practices.



Going with the brand's tagline, "Your Health is Our World," we emphasize the commitment to provide customers with quality medications and supplies at affordable rates.
Top Pharma Exporter

Healing Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Is a well-known pharma company based in Mumbai, which branches its services as a top pharma exporter, a bulk medicine supplier, and a top third party pharma manufacturer. Healing Pharma consists of state-of-the art technologically driven and well equipped machines that make product packaging, product safety and product delivery easy.

Easy Accessibility Of Medications

We provide easy end-to-end accessibility of the medications to our consumers. Our team is always available in serving to the larger audience at any given time and type of health concern. Our core team of manufacturing unit is backed by the international regulatory standard approval. We intend to be the finest Indian pharma exporters and value-for-money providers of medicines to all.


Healing Pharma focuses on the latest innovation and development of medicines, ensuring the customers are happy and always around for better and affordable healthcare support.
Best Quality

Being top pharma exporters in India, we recognize the significance of quality standards in all of our products and take great care in manufacturing them with the assistance of doctors, pharmacists, and our research & design team.


Our professionals are highly skilled and knowledgeable, and they ensure that the ingredients and products are very well certified by all important organizations such as the World Health Organization.

Environment Friendly

Apart from the unique points mentioned above, there are numerous different factors why you will always choose us as your long-term best third party pharma manufacturers in India. We ensure to take environment-friendly steps by conducting proper sanitation.


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Healing Pharma's Pain Reliver Product Range
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Women's Health
Routine and stat testing, special biochemical tests, metabolic tests, drug-level monitoring.
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    • What Is Contract Manufacturing?
    • What Is Third Party Manufacturing?
    • What Are Generic Drugs?
    • Best Certified Manufacturer

    Healing Pharma India Pvt. Ltd. is a contract-based pharmaceutical company that provides comprehensive services from drug innovation through medication production to other organizations in the industry. A pharma contract manufacturing company offers a variety of services to the pharmaceutical corporations, including:

    • Pharmaceutical research and development
    • Manufacturing and commercialization of drugs
    • Documented compliance with FDA regulatory requirements
    • Pre-formulation
    • Formulation of pharmaceuticals
    • Conducting stability research, method development, pre-clinical, and Phase I clinical trials
    • Supplying materials for late-stage clinical trials
    • Providing formal stability, scaling up, and batch registration

    Healing Pharma India Pvt. Ltd.(HPIPL) is the best third-party pharma manufacturers in India aiming to deliver ultimate solution for hassle-free manufacturing process. Our purposeful approach not only reduces manufacturing costs but also ensures the timely and efficient completion of orders.

    Healing Pharma India Pvt. Ltd.(HPIPL) outsources the production of its products under its own label, is categorized as a third-party pharma manufacturing company in India. This strategy proves beneficial for supporting small businesses in the initial stage of development, streamlining the production process effectively.

    The primary differentiation between generic and brand-name prescription drugs lies in their pricing. Unlike brand-name companies, generic producing companies engage in direct price competition, leading to lower costs for consumers.

    India is the third-largest pharmaceutical market and has established itself as a prominent global industrial and research hub. Within the India’s pharmaceutical sector, generic drugs comprise approximately 75% of the market share, while over-the-counter medicines and patented treatments make up 20% and 10%, respectively.

    A significant advantage associated with generic medications is that they contain identical chemical components to their branded counterparts. This affordability factor makes these drugs accessible to the middle class section of the country. As a result, individuals in these segments can easily obtain necessary medications without having to incur exorbitant expenses on medical treatments or costly brand-name drugs that may or may not fit within their budget.

    Healing Pharma India Pvt. Ltd.(HPIPL) is at the forefront in the world of pharma as Indian pharma exporters when it comes to supplying a range of medications that are most suitable, safe, qualified, tested, and developed to treat many health concerns.

    Healing Pharma in a collaboration with top-notch contract research and manufacturing organization (CRAMS) in India. This helps Healing Pharma to manage all end-to-end services as a supplier of medications. Medicines are packed and supplied with utmost integrity in every aspect. The transparent business model suppliers believe in us and take equal enthusiasm in delivering exceptional customer service.

    Our team of experts lead the way by safeguarding premium quality products for distribution in the market. Proper care is taken when goods are shipped from one place to another. The packaging is efficient, and the temperature of the products is well maintained to suit the changing temperature outside of the warehouse.

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