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Established in 2018, Healing Pharma India Pvt Ltd (HPIPL) is one of India’s fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of generic drugs, cosmetics, Ayurveda, herbal and hormone preparations, Nutraceuticals, and more. Quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction are the virtues at Healing Pharma (HPIPL). We have adopted the technology-driven approach to succeed in the emerging market.

Healing Pharma (HPIPL) is a multidisciplinary healthcare products company, and its foundation has been laid by its Managing Directors – Mr. Sanjay Parekh & Mr. Hitesh Jain. Both directors carry 20 years of knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry and started the business at a very young age under the guidance of industry experts. The combination and expertise of the duo turned out to be an achievement in the form of Healing Pharma (HPIPL), which caters to the low and middle-income populations of the country.

Healing Pharma (HPIPL) supports and strives towards the initiative by the government of India and the Indian Medical Association to regulate drug prices by obligating healthcare professionals to prescribe generic medicine along with branded medicines. Emphasizing the products covered under DPCO, for it to be manufactured at low cost from the MSME sector; will aid the purchasing power of common people.

Our Approach

When the Indian pharmaceutical industry was highly popular, other multinational drug makers were keeping a strong watch on the process of manufacturing, packaging, and distribution sectors. They wanted to connect with reliable partners who could accommodate assorted clientele. That’s when Healing Pharma (HPIPL) came up with the idea of providing a one-stop approach for all pharmaceutical clients, setting a new course to deliver quality engineering solutions with the entrant of Healing Pharma (HPIPL). It is a comprehensive pharmaceutical firm with a global reach combined with top-notch products and services. Today, we have attracted global reach with fully equipped operations headquartered in Mumbai, India. We deliver comprehensive solutions in the healthcare and wellness industry to improvising the lives of people with high-quality and affordable healthcare.

How We Began

We began our adventure 10+ years ago, intending to serve mankind with high-quality, inexpensive healthcare goods. We came up with innovative and effective treatments periodically by keeping creativity and positivity at the forefront of our processes. We never looked back once we got started. We are proud to be one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in the world, with a spectrum of well-known products in nutraceuticals. To satisfy the ever-changing market demands, we broadened into 300+ therapeutic categories using Nutraceuticals through ongoing development and technology. With time, we achieved long-term client satisfaction as well as industry recognition and approval for uncompromised quality.

Where Are We Today

Today, we are one of India’s renowned pharmaceutical corporations, with operations worldwide. In just over a decade, we’ve established a culture of excellence that has made us the chosen choice of our customers. We’ve developed a culture of trust and growth, which has allowed us to cultivate positive relationships with our employees and grow the Healing Pharma (HPIPL) family. We buckled up to break the 100 crore club, and we’re today counted among some leading Indian pharmaceutical companies, with clients from all over the world. Because, in the end, or even in the beginning, we exist to assist and serve consumers globally.


Our Achievements

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Our Brands

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