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Healing Pharma India Pvt. Ltd. (HPIPL) India. Is a contract manufacturing pharmaceutical company dealing in healthcare products for many branded pharmaceutical formulations. It includes injections, tablets, syrups, creams, multivitamins, etc. HPIPL also acts as a third-party manufacturer for several pharma companies, as mentioned above, to channel the best and top-quality pharmaceutical products worldwide.

With the assistance of the latest available technologies and apt equipment, we aim to render reliable, prompt, and effective services for customers. Healing Pharma’s products are ISO 9001:2015 certified and approved by the most important constituents of the pharma industry: MACCIA (Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture) and Pharmexcil (Pharmaceuticals export promotion council of India). Healing Pharma India is WHO GMP (Good manufacturing practices) certified by the World Health Organization. To take the organization globally, we have registered Healing Pharma India Pvt. Ltd. as Healing Pharma LLC in Delaware, USA.

Being owned privately and solely as an independent pharmaceutical formulation company, Healing Pharma India offers the best trading platform to its customers for a hassle-free experience in the field of the Pharma Industry. It is due to the above accreditation and modern production techniques that take Healing at the forefront of business. Our highest quality products within a reasonable price bracket ensure the brand receives an integral position in the pharmaceutical industry as the best contract manufacturer in India.

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Why to Choose Us?

At Healing Pharma India Pvt. Ltd, privacy is of utmost importance. Hence, the company believes in securing the data shared, and all product information preserved in the company is handled with utmost care. We ensure to not share the same with any employee working within the organization. Discretion of data is an essential aspect of the company. The company encourages Importers, Distributors, and Agents to join hands and take the product to national and international markets by showcasing the brand and its range of products.

We believe in transparency within the organization and its customers. Also, within the organization, every individual working for the brand has the independent choice to make the right decision suitable for the company. The company offers liberty to its employees to make decisions in the organization’s best interest. This makes way for new creative ideas and suggestions that have proven, so far, to be in the favor of the company and will continue to do so ahead. The company is always chalking the best ways to work creatively with outsourcing partnerships by working with an extended design chain.

It is these above aspects, along with large-scale production capacity, skilled and qualified production, and quality control employees, the start of the art setup of the organization and manufacturing facility that gives a perfect environment that is challenging, happy, positive, and above all, a satisfied team too. With such a team, one can only deliver the best, and Healing Pharma India does only the best for its employees and customers.


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Routine and stat testing, special biochemical tests, metabolic tests, drug-level monitoring.
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Capitalize on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta test.

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