Is protein powder good for you?

March 6, 2024by admin

Protein powder isn’t limited to bodybuilders. Nowadays, anyone can enjoy protein powders as a supporting supplement or alternative wellness supplement. Protein powers are meant to be used in more than just smoothies.

With too many brands and options available on the market, there are not many who stick to a single standard formulation for protein powders. To be more precise, protein powders are churned out of one or more forms of protein. Some protein powders are sourced from animal eggs, dairy products, whey or casein protein, or from various other plant sources. Plant-based protein sources are extracted from split peas, soy, brown rice, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Many have queries on how protein powders are healthy, what type of protein powder is the best, etc. Through this blog, we will enlighten you with some of the relatable queries that might be haunting you about protein powders in reality.

Healing Protein Powder

The Nutritional Breakdown of Protein Powder

One serving of protein powder is approximately a quarter cup, which is equivalent to a few scoops of the scooper that is often included with the container. In a single meal, you can easily consume 20–25 grams of protein. The majority of the powders have low amounts of fat and carbohydrates. To establish how a serving of powder fits into your daily protein requirements, first consider your total aim for this important macronutrient.

Recommended Dietary Allowance

The current recommended dietary allowance for protein in any healthy adult is 800 grams of body weight per day. That equates to approximately 55 grams of protein each day for an adult weighing approximately 68 kg.

The requirement for protein might shoot up as an individual gets older and more active. However, the scale further goes upwards once an individual transitions into the old age phase. According to the experts, any adult over the age of 65 should consume approximately 145 grams per day. Any individual who consumes protein powder every day will be getting only one third of the daily recommended protein.

Is Protein Powder Healthy?

The general rule of a healthy meal is to never incorporate protein into every diet that you consume. Rather, one should strive to meet and not exceed the daily protein requirement. Moreover, protein supplements and powders are meant to be consumed in combination with other whole fruits, and meals to easily achieve the daily protein intake.

What to Look for in A Protein Powder?

It is recommended to use subtle, unflavored, and unsweetened protein powders. These items help you take a call on whether you need added sweetener or not. Choosing a plain powder is highly adaptable, as it can be used in various ways, like smoothies, health drinks, and preparing protein bars or chocolates at home. Moreover, artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors

Furthermore, they are often free of undesirable substances such as artificial flavors and sweeteners, which enhance the taste but also degrade the quality of protein. Hence, ensure to buy only those protein powders that are free from such additives.

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