National Dengue Day: Best mosquito repellent cream for long-lasting protection

May 16, 2024by admin

Mosquito bites can ruin your peaceful days into major havoc with constant bites and irritation. Despite their short lives, they can have a substantial influence on your health with a single sting. These insects can cause a variety of health problems, including leaving little dots and lumps on your skin and transmitting infectious diseases such as malaria. The easiest approach to dealing with them is to use items that are specifically developed to keep mosquitoes and their dangerous effects away from you. The best mosquito repellent creams are formulated with active chemicals such as N, N-Diethyl Benzamide, which forms a protective barrier on your skin against pesky mosquitoes. This chemical is considered safe on the skin of both kids and adults, comparatively, as it helps in hiding the body’s natural odor while reducing the chance of mosquito attack.

National Dengue Day: Mosquitoes That Cause Dengue

Mosquitoes, the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus species, are the primary carriers of dengue disease. When these mosquitoes bite an infected person, they become infected with the dengue virus, which they can further transfer to healthy people through their bites. The virus replicates within the mosquito’s body, eventually reaching its salivary glands and being injected into the circulation of humans through successive bites. Aedes mosquitoes develop in stagnant water and thrive in urban and peri-urban environments with inadequate sanitation and an abundance of water-holding containers. Efforts to prevent dengue transmission through eliminating mosquito breeding places, deploying vector control measures, and promoting knowledge about personal protective techniques play a crucial role. Here we have Healing Pharma’s Mosqnet Mosquito Repellent Cream on our top list of the best mosquito repellent creams in India that can help you avoid mosquito-borne infections and stay safe even during the breeding season.

Reasons to buy Healing Pharma’s Mosqnet Mosquito Repellent Cream

1.  Effective Protection

Healing Pharma’s Mosqnet Mosquito Repellent Cream is intended to give consistent protection against mosquito bites throughout the day. Its long-lasting composition creates a natural barrier against mosquitoes, protecting you and your loved ones from itchy bug bites. Whether you’re having a picnic in the park or relaxing in your backyard, Mosqnet cream from Healing Pharma Online has you covered.

2. Gentle and Moisturizing

Mosqnet stands apart from other mosquito repellents due to its delicate and hydrating nature. This non-sticky mosquito repellent cream contains almond oil and Vitamin E to repel mosquitoes while simultaneously nourishing and moisturizing your skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. Mosqnet will leave you with soft, supple skin rather than dry, itchy skin caused by harsh insect repellents.

3.  Ideal for the Whole Family

One of the best features of Mosqnet Mosquito Repellent Cream is that it is appropriate for both children and adults. Its delicate formulation makes it suitable for even the most sensitive skin, allowing you to protect your entire family from mosquito bites without concern. Mosqnet is the ideal partner for outdoor excursions, whether you’re going camping with your family or spending the day at the beach.

4.  Dual Benefits

Healing Pharma’s Mosqnet Mosquito Repellent Cream provides both skincare and effective mosquito protection. Not only does it repel mosquitoes, but it also nourishes and hydrates your skin, leaving you feeling healthy and revitalized. Its delightful aroma enhances the overall experience, making it enjoyable to use every day.

What are the benefits of mosquito repellent cream?

Mosquito repellent creams are formulated to add a protective barrier between your skin and mosquitos. This minimizes the risk of mosquito-borne diseases including dengue and malaria. According to a study, adding essential oils like lemongrass and clove to these creams and lotions can provide insecticidal and repellent effects on the skin. They are portable and easy to use on every day basis.

How to use Mosqnet mosquito repellent cream to get complete protection?

Mosquito Repellent Cream

Follow these guidelines to apply cream evenly for maximum protection:

  •  Apply a pea-sized amount of cream to your fingers.
  • Apply to exposed areas of your body.
  • Massage the cream evenly on your body.
  • To minimize irritation or discomfort, avoid applying cream to cuts or sores on your skin.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Mosquito Repellent Cream

How long does mosquito repellent cream work?

According to reports published, mosquito repellent creams and lotions can provide at least 6 hours of protection against mosquitoes during the day.

How much mosquito repellent cream do you need?

According to the National Institutes of Health, mosquito repellent creams with concentrations of 10% to 12% can protect skin against mosquito bites and other mosquito-borne diseases. 

To Sum It Up

Don’t let these pesky mosquitoes ruin your outdoor fun on this National Dengue Day. Keep your family protected and your skin moisturized with Healing Pharma’s Mosqnet 12% Mosquito Repellent Cream. With its powerful yet gentle formula enriched with almond oil and Vitamin E, Mosqnet provides effective protection against mosquito bites while nourishing and moisturizing your skin. Buy this best mosquito repellent cream for long-lasting protection at a discounted price from Healing Pharma Online!

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