Sleep hygiene Tips for better sleep and its importance for health

April 19, 2024by admin

A sound sleeping pattern plays an integral role in building a healthy body and life. Those who find difficulty falling asleep and often keep staring at the ceiling till late at night or scrolling down the phone are referred to as having poor sleep hygiene.

To have a safe and sound sleep, better sleep hygiene is a must! Identifying the sleep pattern and working on it to get rid of poor sleeping habits can prevent you from getting rid of sleep issues. Sleep hygiene is the term used to refer to healthy sleep habits. Maintaining good sleep hygiene is extremely essential for mental and physical health while enhancing the overall quality of life.

To better understand what sleep hygiene is, we have got all the facts covered for you. Ideally, our body goes through tremendous changes in the daytime and at bedtime that help us fall asleep. The things that could impact your sleep pattern are as follows:

  • Day behavior
  • Food consumed
  • Drinks consumed
  • Evening routine
  • Your schedule for the day
  • Stress level

So those who have sleep issues can choose to boost their mood during the day to improve their sleep at night. Better sleep hygiene is all about adopting a healthy habit that gives you a good night’s sleep. Here are six solid ways to enhance your sleep hygiene for a sound sleep pattern at night.

Ways To Improve Sleep Hygiene:

  1. Stick to your sleep schedule

Ensure to sleep and wake up at a fixed time every day to maintain your body’s mechanisms. Such a habit kicks into your daily routine to reinforce your body’s sleep cycle while making it easier for you to fall asleep every night. Having a consistent sleep schedule at night will gradually reduce your sleepiness during the day.

  1. Try several relaxing techniques at home before going to bed

You can try something that can be relaxing for you, maybe music to unwind right before you hit the bed. For instance, if you are going to bed in about an hour, get yourself ready to be there. Know what relaxes your mind the most. A few suggestions are mentioned below:

  • A warm shower.
  • Aerobics or muscle stretches to release tension.
  • Meditation to calm your mind and body.
  • Go ahead and play some soothing music while you are indulging to gain focus on your breathing.
  • Read a book that gives you tremendous joy.
  1. Keep gadgets away

Electronic devices tend to emit rays that can interact with your melatonin levels and affect your body. Melatonin is a type of chemical that inhibits and controls your sleep cycle. Therefore, a drop in melatonin can spoil your sleep habits.

  1. Exercise regularly

Indulging in regular exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, especially in the evening, can improve your sleep quality while enhancing your overall health. Exercising outside in the open-air increases exposure to natural light while regulating your sleep cycle.

  1. Restrict your caffeine intake

Caffeine is known to have a tremendous impact on your body and can last 3 to 7 hours post-consumption. Therefore, it is clear that consuming coffee during the evening or night can keep you awake for a longer duration.

  1. Limit your nap time during the day

Taking a nap during the daytime can make it difficult for you to fall asleep on time in the evening while spoiling the entire sleep pattern. In case, you need a nap compulsorily, ensure that you do not stretch it for more than 30 minutes.

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