This World Bipolar Day, Let’s Get an Overview

March 29, 2024by admin

This World Bipolar Day, let’s get some time out to understand one of the serious mental health conditions – Bipolar Disorder which is often misunderstood. Majorly people assume bipolar is an ideal condition of sudden ‘mood swings.’ In reality, bipolar is more than that.

It is part and parcel of our life to face lows and highs. Feeling too happy at the moment and the next moment feeling upset, for a time being is completely okay! Bipolar is usually referred to as the condition of illness that characterizes the emotions of being extremely happy or sad. The moods of high are considered to as manic episodes, while the lows are considered depressive episodes. Such episodes hitting the person, are referred to as manic-depressive depression.

According to psychological experts, the symptoms can vary from person to person but extreme mood swings are common. This is considered the cycle of depression, which needs to be diagnosed and taken care of under expert assistance.

Here are a few things you should be knowing about Bipolar Disorder: –   

  1. It is categorized by dramatic changes in mood and behavior

Bipolar condition is recognized by two extreme alterations in mood, which are also known as episodes. These episodes are referred to as manic episodes (where the person feels overly excited and is on high energy). The next one is depressive episodes (where the person feels extremely tired, sad, and low on hope).

  1. It prejudices decision-making abilities 

Throughout the manic episode, the person feels overconfident, wherein the person ends up taking on too many tasks that can’t be handled, all at once. The feeling of invincibility terribly impacts the decisive ability of the person while making recklessness and bearing personal and financial consequences of the same.

  1. Incompetent to understand what the affected individual is going through

Anyone battling bipolar disorder may not show mixed episodes of high and low. Hence, it becomes difficult to identify bipolar without expert help.

  1. There are sleeping troubles

Anyone battling bipolar disorder might lack sleep while becoming agitated throughout the day. There could be other health issues to notice as well when the sufferer is dealing with poor sleep patterns.

  1. It is not easy to recognize bipolar disorder

Recognizing bipolar at the initial stage might be difficult as the affected person is going through manic episodes, which may seem normal.

  1. Bipolar disorder is manageable

With timely diagnoses and expert assistance, bipolar disorder can be healthily managed. All one has to do is seek help on time, have proper medications, and get therapy for stability and happiness in life.

Now that we are on the verge of breaking the stigma around mental illness, let’s ought not to fall prey to it. And those with initial signs of bipolar should consider seeking immediate help before the condition worsens. Healing Pharma has the best and most affordable medications to alleviate your mental health and depression. You can avail these medicines and supplements from your nearest pharmacy on a valid prescription.


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