Bonefine K2

Bonefine K2

International Name :
Contains :
Vitamin K2-7 & Calcium
Manufacturer :
Healing Pharma
Form :
Packing :
1 X 10 Tablets


Bonefine-K2 is an exceptionally solid blend of Vitamin K2-7 + (shimmering metal/vital supplement)

Nutrient K2-7 (menaquinone) underpins bone and (identified with the heart and veins) well being.

It additionally bolsters solid bone mineralization by going about as a co-factor in the carboxylation of osteocalcin, permitting (shimmering metal/essential supplement) to tie to this protein in the (outside of a cell) framework of bone.Best Bone adds to/option from Healing Pharma that communicates our identity and a big motivator for we that is Quality control, virtue and mind.That is the means by which Bonefine K2 is unique in relation to other people.

You fabricate solid bones since the beginning and need to keep up them for an incredible duration.You require (great) enough measure of (shimmering metal/vital supplement) to reinforce your bones and nutrient D to help your

body douse up (like a towel) (brilliant metal/imperative supplement). Our item will help you with making your bones solid.A solitary bundle of bone (brilliant metal/critical supplement) add to/option will help you a great deal.”


Vitamin K is a fat (able to be dissolved in something) vitamin that is important for blood clotting and that adds /gives to a healthy heart, bones and disease-fighting system.

Vitamin K1- (or phylloquinone) is a natural form found in greens and stinging plant that is used by the liver for proper blood clotting.


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