Terbiface Forte

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Active ingredients: Terbinafine
Strength: 250 mg
Brand: Terbiface
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Buy Terbiface 250 mg (Terbinafine Capsules) to treat various fungal infections, including ringworm formed in the skin, and nails.


Terbiface 250 mg (Terbinafine Capsules) are effective antifungal medicine used in the treatment of a wide range of skin and nail infection. This capsule effectively works by killing fungi present in the layers of the skin, or nails. One can take this medicine with or without food or as directed by the physician. It is necessary to complete the treatment by taking daily dosages without missing any day.

Product Details:

Terbiface 250 mg (Terbinafine Capsules) has considerable ability to kill the growth of fungi while inhibiting the process of multiplication. With a dedicated course of treatment, one can experience improvement in the condition of mild to chronic fungal infection in the body. The composition of this capsule helps to block the impact of fungi while protecting the body from further fungal infection.

Terbiface 250 mg capsule belongs to the group of antifungal medicine that aims to work by killing and preventing the growth of fungus that leads to infection. The dosage of Terbiface 250 mg capsule differs from one patient to another depending on the severity of the infection. Ensure to take your dose on the advised duration. It is effective to gain complete control over the infection while ensuring it is completely cured.

Action Mechanism:

The active ingredient in Terbiface 250 mg (Terbinafine Capsules) is Terbinafine and this drug belongs to the class of anti-fungal group of medicines. This strong composition stops the spread of infection while preventing the multiplication of fungal cell walls. It works best in the body by killing the fungi on the skin and nails, by destroying their cell membrane.


Terbiface 250 mg (Terbinafine Capsules) work effectively to combat the presence of fungi in the body including the skin and nails. It is highly recommended to take this medicine in the correct dosage and at the suggested duration as advised by your healthcare physician. You should swallow this capsule as a whole. This antifungal capsule shouldn’t be crushed, chewed, or broken for consumption. Terbiface 250 mg capsule can be taken with or without food as suggested by your doctor, but it is highly suggested to take it at a fixed time.


Terbiface 250 mg (Terbinafine Capsules) are meant to be taken cautiously by those who are under the influence of alcohol or have kidney or liver-related disorders. It is highly unsafe to take with capsule and drive as they can make you feel drowsy and affect your driving ability. Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding to consult the doctor before taking this medicine. Ensure to discuss with your doctor, if dealing with any, existing health issues before starting the course of this medication.

Side Effects:

The side effects of Terbiface 250 mg (Terbinafine Capsules) usually don’t require any kind of medical attention as they at times don’t occur. Some of the common side effects of Terbiface 250 mg are rashes, diarrhea, headache, nausea, change in taste, indigestion, flatulence, abdominal pain, and itching. If you experience side effects for a prolonged duration, ensure to consult your doctor.


Terbiface 250 mg (Terbinafine Capsules) are meant to be strictly taken under a doctor’s supervision only. The active ingredient in this capsule may interact with certain compositions or brands, hence it is highly recommended to take this medicine on a doctor’s prescription only. This capsule may interact with chocolates or caffeine (cocoa beans or tea leaves). Therefore, try to avoid Terbiface 250mg capsule to inhibit further interactions in the efficacy of the drug.


Q. Can a patient with liver cirrhosis take Terbiface 250 mg capsule?

Those with chronic or active liver disease including liver cirrhosis should not take Terbiface 250 mg as it may affect the liver functioning. Individuals with any signs or symptoms of liver cirrhosis might have to undergo a liver function test to identify the efficacy of liver functioning. Terbiface 250 mg usually gets absorbed by the liver enzymes and any kind of inefficiency of liver function can severely drop the result of this medicine while leading to further side effects.

Q. Does Terbiface 250 mg capsule develops skin reactions?

Yes, anyone with sensitive skin may experience skin reactions while consuming Terbiface 250 mg capsule. However, there are not many reports indicating serious skin problems. It is highly recommended to consult the doctor while experiencing any kind of rashes.

Q. Can I stop taking Terbiface 250 mg capsule on my own?

Terbiface 250 mg capsule has to be taken until the doctor suggests stopping the course of treatment. The patient should not stop consuming this medicine unless the course is complete as there are chances of infection may appear again or worsening next time.