Boost Your Digestion This Winter

November 2, 2022by Dr. Robin De'souza47

With the winters setting in, we will slowly be going to lose our control over the mind and body. In short, we feel hungry more often and feel more sluggish to move around. All we want to do is stay indoors, sip hot tea and snuggle into the blanket. Basically, our digestive system goes for a toss until the season wraps up. Although this sudden dip in temperature seems to be cozy in the beginning it could hit your metabolism process in the reverse direction.

On constant exposure to dropping temperatures, our body has the ability to conserve heat and energy, leading to crashing down your metabolism. However, you can still try to keep your digestion smooth with the right eating habit throughout the winter. Here’s a list of what you should be eating for better digestion during winter:

Winter Greens

The winter brings along a wonderful assortment of greens and loads of good health choices. Spinach, Mustard greens, Fenugreek, Bathua, Cholai, name them and it’s there all available in the market throughout the season for you to cherish maximum healthier options. Not to forget, everything is packed with a huge amount of dietary fiber to give you smoother stools in the morning. They are excellent at regulating your bowel movement and digestion during the winter. The high fiber content in these veggies also helps you to stay full for a longer duration. It can be cooked in multiple ways as in the usual veggies, added to soups, or can be added as a stuffing mixture in parathas, wraps, and rolls.


The love and craze for Ghee are never-ending. All thanks to its bundle full of benefits for the body especially during winter. This clarified butter is almost added to a wide preparations in North India, and it helps in keeping the body warm. Apart from acting as a soother to the digestive system, ghee also helps in strengthening the immune system when the temperature dips. Ghee is known to help in keeping healthy gut bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, balancing hormones, and retaining healthy cholesterol.

Herbs & Spices

Incorporating herbs and spices into your food helps in keeping the body warm while boosting digestion. Turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, name them and they are there in your kitchen. Moreover, each ingredient further contributes to strengthening immunity. Mix all the ingredients to add to your favorite food or prepare a kadha to reap all the benefits of these powerful ingredients in one go.

Fibrous foods

Consuming high-fiber foods helps in regulating smoother movements of digestion. Regular fiber intake helps in keeping up your blood sugar levels and weight in excellent condition. You can simply add some amazing winter greens and seasonal fruits to your daily diet in good amounts. Some amazingly rich in fiber are apples, radishes, and guava that you can find easily and consume for higher fiber intake on regular basis.

Stay hydrated

Whether you notice or not, a drop in temperature leads to a drastic drop in our fluid intake as well. Those not having enough fluids during this time find difficulty in passing stool as it makes the intestine stiff. Hence, it is essential to remain hydrated throughout the season for a smoother digestive system. Those who find it difficult to stick to the rule of 8 glasses of water a day can try switching normal with warm water for fabulous results. Apart from this, you can also ponder on high water-content fruits and vegetables to stay hydrated throughout the winter.

**Any supplements, capsules or soft gels are meant to be taken under expert supervision only. Those who are pregnant or lactating mothers should avoid taking these tablets. 

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