Everything You Should Know about Under-Eye Swelling

June 19, 2023by Yuvraj Patil368

Noticing an under-eye swelling usually doesn’t refer to vision or health issues, but getting them can be troublesome. Usually, this condition is attributed to bone structure, genes, ageing, and other lifestyle factors. At times, the impact of swelling may reduce with simple home remedies, but those with stubborn swelling could demand complex treatments.

What Is Under-Eye Swelling?

Under-eye swelling also referred to as ‘under-eye bags’ is caused by retention or accumulation of fluid which leads to lymphatic imbalance. This lymphatic system responsibly balances fluid in the body, tends to delay and drain the lymph fluid. It is commonly a result of excess skin and tissue swelling that usually occurs as we age. These under-eye tissues are usually weaker and can lose their strength with growing age, appearing to be puffy and swollen. Moreover, the skin beneath the eye is ultra-thin, therefore they are highly susceptible to fluid flow while stimulating fluid retention.

Some of the other reasons for under-eye swelling are as follows:

  1. Medical Conditions

Some of the underlying medical conditions such as dermatitis, renal disease, dermatomyositis, and Graves’ disease can affect the body’s tissue resulting in under-eye swelling. People with renal disease tend to experience the terrible impact on their kidneys that leads to swelling around the eyes also known as edema.

  1. Fatty Bags

Fatty bags, also referred to as orbital fat pads, are cushioned to surround and support the eyeball. While the outer surrounding the eyeball area grows or protrudes, it leads to under-eye swelling.

  1. Vascular Circles

The expanded veins around the eyes trigger vascular circles, resulting in the root of under-eye swelling. With significant dilation of veins, it further causes blue-tinged swelling and dark circles while losing the volume of the face as we age.

  1. Under-Eye Hollows

The process of ageing could lead to loss of volume in those with the upper portion of the face resulting in the under eye area appearing swollen and full.

  1. Diet

Lifestyle habits such as drinking and smoking, consuming high sodium diet, and high fat diet can lead to eyelid edema, a condition of swelling resulting in congestion, typically below the eyes.

Ways to Treat Under-Eye Swelling 

  1. Dietary Changes

As discussed above, certain foods can trigger the lymphatic system by retaining fluid from your body. For instance, consuming too much salt can cause water retention while excessive build-up of fluids in the body including the face.

  1. Face Massage

It is better to massage the face to enable the draining of the fluid build-up surrounding the eyes. You can apply a good moisturizer for massaging followed by a cooling facial roller to shrink the swollen blood vessels or lymphatics.

  1. Medications and Ointments

You can use anti-allergic medication if under-eye swelling has been caused by some kind of allergy. Avoid excessive rubbing and itching by seeking the help of a dermatologist.

Ways to Prevent Under-Eye Swelling

You can look for a few easy-to-implement methods to subside the under-eye swelling. Firstly, you should be starting by cutting down fluid intake before going to bed, avoiding smoking, drinking, and consuming restrictive sodium (salt). You should also have an adequate and sound sleep. Those who are dealing with allergies should take necessary measures to limit the exposure. Your healthcare expert might recommend antihistamines to reduce swelling and allergy in a few cases.

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