Medical Myths About Allergy

Are you allergic to pollen or dust or dairy or nuts or pets etc.? The first question we ask ourselves or a medical practitioner asks when we visit them in case of any flare up in skin.

An allergy is nothing but an exaggerated response of your immunity towards a specific object or living. When you feel the skin itching, eyes watering, continuous sneezing or wheezing these may all triggers of an allergy.

As per a study by the WHO (World Health Organization) it has been estimated that 20 percent of people around the globe experience some or the other kind of allergic condition.

But how can you decide how and what are you allergic to. Most often we always ask ourselves hey, I just had this food yesterday or I visited this specific place or smelt something unusual yesterday or played with a pet or went out for a jog in this new block down the aisle. So, many question one may imagine and hence, we also sometimes come to a conclusion that we are allergic to that specific living or non-living thing in the environment.

There are many if’s and but’s and also many myths related to the variety of allergies that we are unknowingly surrounded by. Let us have a look at some of those many myths that are linked to allergies:

Allergies only develop as a child: We all think that when a child is allergic he/ she will not experience the same in their teenage or adulthood. This is untrue. Allergies never see an age or gender. It has been studied that at least 1 in every 3 individual develops food allergy in adulthood when he/ she may have not have experienced in their childhood.

There is no treatment to allergies: Allergies can be minimalized to an extent where the reaction of the same does not cause a leap and affect one’s health. Certain treatments prescribed by doctor and medicines such as Acecloheal Plus, Acecloheal SP, Acecloheal –MR, Algreat, or amoxyheal CV are some from many antiallergic tablets by Healing Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Under the capable guidance of a doctor can help in reducing the impact of allergies and reduce the symptoms to a great extent.

Cold and Allergies as just the same side of a coin: Cold and allergies may share some very similar symptoms such as a blocked or a runny nose, but there is a huge difference in the working and relation between the two. Cold is a symptom due to some immunity response to viruses, but allergic response is an outcome due to the response of one’s immunity to an existing allergen.

Allergies are not at all serious: For many people allergies are uncomfortable and inconvenient but there are also a many to whom allergies have triggered some very serious health concerns. While, we would all prefer a world that is not at all serious to our health, but the reality is there are a few who experience some serious health issues only due to a serious exposure to their allergen.

Allergies are very well common and at the same time they may actually vary on its effectiveness from minor to serious ailments because of its prevalence and myths oriented to the varieties that it offers all across the globe. There, definitely is not thorough remedy to completely abolish any form of allergy because scientists are still on a voyage regarding the same. It is always better to stay optimistic and take care of oneself and study the underlying allergy trigger and take the right medication and treatment that’s it. While, some magically outgrow too, but management of the allergies is one way to stay safe and feel safe.

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