Nasal Congestion Relief Tips for Babies

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Children, specifically infants, are extremely vulnerable to allergies, the common cold, and infections. And this same is applicable in terms of stuffy nose in kids and infants which is also known as nasal congestion. Such event of episodes happens when there’s too much moisture affecting the nasal blood vessels and tissues eventually leading to swelling. Since infants and kids have extremely tiny nasal passageways, they are highly susceptible to nose blockage, finding it difficult to breathe. Here are expert-approved tips to relieve your child from nasal congestion and other stuffy nose issues at home without any hassle. But before that, let’s have a look at the initial symptoms of nasal congestion.

Symptoms of nasal congestion

Kids who have discomfort, or noise while breathing can be affected by  nostriheal nasal spray congestion. Even babies who are breathing rapidly while sleeping can be an indication of a stuffy nose in babies. It is usually an alarming situation for parents when the kid is sick, unable to sleep, and finding difficulty breathing. Below are the common symptoms listed

  • Snoring sound while sleeping
  • Noisy and heavy breathe
  • Blocked nose
  • Cough
  • Runny nose
  • Feeding becomes slightly difficult
  • Sniffling

In case your baby is dealing with any of the symptoms, it indicates that your child’s chest is congested and they need help.

Major causes of nasal congestion in infants and kids

There could be multiple reasons why your baby is experiencing nasal congestion. It ideally happens when the baby’s chest is already congested due to smoke, polluted air, and other irritants. The kid’s body tends to produce additional mucus in the nose while trapping them. There could be other factors involved as well such as dry air, extreme weather conditions, and moisture in the air causing mucus. The good news is that there are many ways of relieving nasal blockage at home. A few tips are listed below:

Excellent Ways to Relieve Nasal Congestion in Kids or Infants

  1. If your baby is suffering from nasal congestion, give a warm bath as it helps clear the congestion.
  2. If you are feeding your infant, ensure to keep a check. Also, ensure your baby is not wearing a wet diaper.
  3. You can consult a paediatrician for saline water. A few drops of saline water as directed by the physician can help clear the congestion.
  4. Ensure to keep the surrounding of your kid dry and moist-free. During the winter and rainy seasons, you can try a humidifier to keep the area clean, humid, and good to breathe for kids.
  5. You can try massaging your child’s forehead, nasal bridge, and cheekbones to induce ease from discomfort caused by chest congestion.
  6. You can use a gentle suction for clearing the nasal passage in your newborn or infant. Use this technique before feeding the baby.
  7. De-congest your child’s chest by consulting a physician for any kind of allergies, pollutants, and irritants.
  8. You can have a small steam inhalation session for your child by adding camphor or eucalyptus oil to hot water. These oils work effectively in soothing blocked nose and chest in both kids and adults.

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