Supplements that Nourish your Skin From Within

December 12, 2022by Dr. Robin De'souza19

I would always wear makeup to look amazing on an almost regular basis. Fabulous beauty and glowing skin are parallel to each other. My mother would go all-natural, and trust me she would glow without makeup. Hence, my efforts to have glowing skin with the help of makeup of course were genuine. Although after some years, I did realize that beauty comes from within. Makeup is just a beauty enhancer that wouldn’t last longer than a few hours. And I’m not even talking about those painful acne popping, a day after applying makeup.

While I’m on a voyage, in a colder region for a vacation, my skin instantly glows with a moisturizer. That’s when I realized that our skin beautifies with what we ingest and how it is treated. A healthy surrounding and minimal topical applications make the skin breathe fresh.

However, we certainly can’t always be on vacation. Taking nutritional supplements can surely help keep the skin healthy and stunning from within all round-the-year. We have curated a list of essential supplements that can help teleport your skin to the all-new naturally glowing destination.

Vitamins for Skin

Vitamin C – This vitamin is considered the queen of all vitamins that supports healthy skin in the skincare world. Helps in boosting collagen, and Vitamin C further strengthens and restores the skin. Those with wrinkles, age spots, and dark circles should include Vitamin C in their daily diet to see a noticeable impact on their skin. Incorporating Vitamin C supplements for the skin helps fight free radicals and other pollutants.

Vitamin A – This vitamin is no less than a savior when it comes to environmental impacts. It effectively helps combat skin damage caused by UV rays. The antioxidants found in this vitamin excellently heal the epidermis of your skin. Those with constant acne and breakouts can get rid of the use of Vitamin A and C in combination.

Vitamin E – This fat-soluble vitamin is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin E is an excellent skin-hydrating element that helps balance the natural sebum of your skin. It can strengthen skin and scalp while offering skin restoration and moisture-retaining results.

Fats for Skin

Have you been getting tips from others to stop consuming fats for weight loss or a thinner waistline? You must let them know about the good fats like omega-3 that can help you achieve superiorly glowing skin from within. These poly-unsaturated fats help balance the natural oil of your skin by giving it a plumper and younger look. Our body doesn’t make these omega-3 naturally within the body, hence it is essential to consume omega-3-enriched foods or supplements in our daily diet.

Minerals for Skin

Zinc – This mineral is an all-rounder for your skin. It is considered the master nutrient in terms of healing in and out. Zinc helps in new skin cell formation while dividing them further. It excellently treats sunburn and reverses UV damage and other environmental impacts.

Copper – Considered an essential mineral for keeping the beauty game at par. The antioxidant properties of copper stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin while softening the presence of wrinkles and fine lines.

Selenium – This mineral is also efficient at protecting the skin from sun damage. It acts as a defense element guarding the skin cells with a protective coating. Selenium superiorly helps in hydrating the skin while reducing the signs of ageing.

Ponder on Proteins

Collagen – Our skin is 75 percent of collagen. It is the ideal component that makes our skin stretchy and firm. It helps in restoring and sealing off cuts and wounds. With growing age, collagen tends to deteriorate within the skin. Hence, top up your skin with collagen-boosting supplements to achieve the desired glow.

Elastin – Do you know how our face has expressions? It is because of the fiber protein called ‘elastin’ within the skin that enables us to smile and frown. The skin can stretch as much as needed to get various expressions on your face. With flying time, the elastin responsible for stretchy skin tends to deteriorate due to sun damage. Therefore, the skin turns out to become wrinkled and saggy without elastin. Incorporating elastin supplements helps in activating the skin cells for a strong result.

Amino Acids – Considered the building block of your skin, amino acids help balance the pH level. It aids in offering an acidic barrier for the skin, so that skin produces new cells while restoring the older ones.

Healing Pharma and its numerous authentic supplements can help you stay afloat in your health and beauty game. Browse through our product range to find your best pick!

**Any supplements, capsules or soft gels are meant to be taken under expert supervision only. Those who are pregnant or lactating mothers should avoid taking these tablets. 

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