The Link between Thyroid Health and Weight Management

June 7, 2023by Yuvraj Patil250

Though there is not enough evidence showing thyroid hormones can regulate your body’s metabolism, there could be complexities in sharing exact details between metabolism, thyroid hormones, and weight changes.

When the thyroid hormones (hypothyroidism), fail or slows down to carry out the metabolism process. It gradually reduces the amount of calories your body could burn while leading to weight gain.

Equally, when the thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism) produce too many hormones that speedily boost metabolism and burn more calories than normal leading to weight loss. 


The Role of Metabolism


Overall metabolism involves various chains of processes including the breakdown of food, converting food into energy, and utilizing calories. Metabolism in some is eventually determined by genetics. Ideally, calories burn on performing physical activity in the daily routine. The body is also known to use energy while we are resting. The basal metabolic rate (BMR) depends on how efficiently it is processed. Having excess energy in the body results in the accumulation of energy in the fat cells, ultimately leading to weight gain. 


The Role of Thyroid Hormones


Thyroid hormones have an extreme influence on metabolism, body temperature, and appetite regulation. The thyroid is working closely with the hypothalamus (that regulates homeostasis), to maintain a healthy body weight and energy balance in check.

Certainly, according to the experts, it is not the thyroid hormones alone playing a crucial role here. There are numerous other hormones, nuclear receptors, proteins, and chemicals, responsible to carry out such a complicated process.


Hypothyroidism and Weight


Usually, those with an underactive reduce thyroid level often leads to gain weight because the body eventually stops using calories efficiently. On evaluation, major of the body weight is nothing but water and salt. According to the reports, 10% to 60% of adults dealing with obesity are already having autoimmune hypothyroidism. There are studies suggesting people with mild hypothyroidism can see significant gains in weight. 


Weight Loss with Treatment


There aren’t many reports available on the number of weight gained among those dealing with hypothyroid and are treated with the synthetic thyroid hormone levothyroxine. The chances of a slight drop in weight can be possible if the hormone levels come back to normal range. Also, there are possibilities of other factors leading to the fluctuation in weight might remain unaffected with thyroid medication. 


Hyperthyroidism and Weight


A lot of individuals dealing with overactive thyroid end up losing a lot of weight. And according to reports, the severity of the hyperthyroidism terribly impacts weight. In some cases, individuals suffering from hyperthyroidism can also gain weight slightly as their high metabolism makes them feel hungry and consume more food frequently.


To Sum It Up


There are too many complexities involved in linking hormones directly with metabolism. To be precise, someone with an underactive thyroid would certainly have to work harder to lose weight than someone who is not dealing with the thyroid at all. Those trying to lose weight but aren’t getting success should definitely seek medical consultation. It is essential to keep thyroid levels in the optimal range to easily lose weight.

Yuvraj Patil

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