Thyroid and Hair Loss: Causes and Remedies

June 12, 2023by Yuvraj Patil374

Many people know hormonal imbalances have an imperative effect on our overall body such as fatigue, hair loss, and mood swings. Hair loss is commonly experienced in thyroid affected men and women. According to the statistics, around 12 million Indians are yearly affected by the thyroid medicine that impacts their crown of glory. According to experts, the healthy functioning of the scalp relies on the thyroid gland.

How Thyroid Causes Hair Loss?

To find the interconnection between the thyroid gland and hair loss, it is first important to understand the hair cycle. There are three stages of the hair cycle including the growth, resting, and shedding stages. It takes several months for each strand of hair to go through these stages. Most of the hair strands are majorly in the state of growth or rest. With the thyroid hormone imbalance, the resting period for these hair strands is extended which leads to abrupt thinning of hair and hair loss in patches.

Signs & Symptoms of Hair Loss with Thyroid

Other than hair loss, there are other symptoms some the thyroid affected people would experience:-

  • Hair thinning
  • Itchy and dry scalp
  • Dry and/or damaged hair 

Ways to reverse hair loss caused by Thyroid

  1. Monitor iron intake in your diet

Iron is the most crucial mineral that plays a big role in proper thyroid functioning. Lacking iron can be an acute reason for hair loss. Therefore, experts recommend consuming iron-rich foods such as beans, red meat, leafy greens, seafood, and eggs, and so on, to get a good amount of iron for hair. With ample iron, ensure to consume other vital nutrients such as biotin, zinc, vitamins, lysine, and selenium, to accelerate hair growth. Take help of vitamins and mineral supplements wherever and whenever needed.

  1. Apply essential oils

Including an essential oil in your hair care routine will slowly do the magic to your scalp. It further helps to balance the thyroid hormones for enhanced hair growth. Therefore, it is good to use a natural blend of essential oils to tackle hair related issues.

  1. Add anti-inflammatory foods

The next trick to reverse thyroid stimulated hair loss is by consuming anti-inflammatory foods. Those who rely more on processed foods such as sugar and fried foods might end up worsening the symptoms of the thyroid. It is good to consume anti-inflammatory foods such as ginger or turmeric to boost endocrine (thyroid regulating gland) functioning.

  1. Include herbs in your diet

Other than consuming a nutrient-rich diet, it is essential to incorporate herbs in your diet as they have a natural tendency to boost hair health. Herbs such as cilantro and cinnamon are great to boost the metabolism process, which is equally important to rebalance thyroid hormones.

  1. Control iodine consumption

Iodine in moderate amounts is essential for overall health. But those who consume excess iodine could trigger the thyroid glands and inhibit the metabolism process. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to watch your iodine consumption to prevent symptoms of thyroid in the future.

  1. Practise yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation have a host of benefits for overall mental and physical health. You can gradually reduce stress and regulate thyroid hormones by practicing regular yoga and meditation sessions.

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