Tips to Boost Immunity On-The-Go

March 20, 2023by Pooja K323

Have you been frequently feeling sluggish and under the weather more often than before? Blame your immunity for this! Our immune system altogether goes into sync to do this miracle of keeping us well and defending our body against aliens (viruses, bacteria, and other microbes). There could be a glitch at times in our immune system too or maybe a powerful virus attack when the system fails to do so. As a result, you tend to frequently fall sick with an upset stomach or cold and flu.

Talking about the fact, the strength of the immune system depends on the genetics, age, and cortisol levels of an individual. We know that you hate the transition much, hence we have got you covered with these easy on-the-go tips to boost your immune system for excellent health.

Eat what is healthy

Adopting a practice of consuming a whole and balanced diet that is unprocessed and rich in antioxidants works effectively supports the immune system. Consuming fruits, like grapefruit, orange, and papaya can help avoid junk snacks. Try adding broccoli, bell peppers, spinach, mushrooms, and almonds. Ensure to add garlic to your daily food as it releases allicin, a type of compound that helps surpass infections.

Call in for some Vitamin C & D supplements

Does your immunity need a push? Include Vitamin C and Vitamin D supplements in your daily routine. The immune system comprises of T-Cells, probably a type of white blood cell found in the blood that protects from various infections. Vitamin C and Vitamin D supplements help boost the smoother function of this T- cells ensuring they work at optimum levels. Apart from consuming citrus fruits, take supplements such as Healcee 500 and Sunforce D3 for additional support.

Don’t miss out on Omega

As Vitamin C spikes the efficacy of T-cells in the body, even Omega-3 Fatty Acids are known for the same. Moreover, it helps in preventing inflammation in the body as well. Those who can’t get enough Omega-3 from seafood can stock up on Omega-3 supplements. Use the Healvital tab to fuel your body with all the essential vitamins and minerals, including Omega-3 in one go.

Activate your body

It is essential to move your body towards the goal of staying fit than you were yesterday. For this, you should daily exercise for at least 30 minutes as it helps improved blood circulation. It furthermore regularizes hormones by enhancing the flow of lymphatic fluid (traveling to tissues and cells to eliminate toxins, waste products, and bacteria). Also, exercising regularly helps float those white blood cells and other antibodies throughout the body for an excellent health condition.

Get better sleep

Chronic stress and less sleep can increase the risk of you falling ill. The reason behind this is, our body tends to produce proteins that help fight illness when we sleep. Sleep deprivation can gradually reduce protein formation, affecting the immune system. Anyone suffering from sleep issues should consult a doctor or meditate regularly.

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