Tips to reduce Neck Pain at home

January 30, 2023by Pooja K19

Neck pain is common when your deskwork demands hours of sitting looking at the screen with your hunched back. Neck pain is simply due to poor sitting position for a prolonged duration. The issue arises only when the painful condition aggravates. The first and foremost thing my mother does to subside the pain is either apply a spray or a pain relief balm. Although the pain goes away temporarily, the discomforting pain might come back after the result of the spray or balm wears off. This article will help you with quick easy tips to avoid neck pain at home permanently and prevent it from redeveloping.

Causes of neck pain

  1. A poor posture: Neck or muscle sprains are at times developed due to sitting in a poor posture for hours may be watching a TV, or your smartphone. It could happen if you haunch and read a book as well.
  2. Injury on joints: Our neck has sensitive joints that can deteriorate with growing age. The process of wear and tear is much similar to the other joints in the body. This age-related tearing impacts the bone while developing aggravating pain.
  3. Injuries: Sudden injury-related neck pain ignites when you suddenly tend to move your head from backward to forward in speed.
  4. Compressed nerves: At the time our bones tend to spur or herniated discs occur at the neck pushing the nerves out from the spinal cord and causing tremendous pain.

Tips to reduce neck pain at home

  • Always correct your posture

According to the experts, ensure to keep your shoulders in a correct straight posture while standing and sitting as well. Do not bend your neck or hunch your spine for a longer duration, as it may hurt later. It is best to adjust your workstation according to your height where the screen is kept at your eye level.

  • Ensure to take frequent breaks

It is essential to stand up on your feet and stretch a bit at equal intervals whilst you are desk restricted. Do not overlook your shoulders and neck while stretching. Practice yoga regularly to reduce a considerable amount of pain.

  • Do not carry heavy weight on your shoulders

Carrying anything heavy on your back, including backpacks on your shoulders or even your hand can induce pain.

  • Sleep in a comfortable position

Your head and neck should be aligned with the rest of your body. Support your neck with a small pillow and try sleeping on your back with your thighs elevated on the pillow, which will flatten your spinal muscles.

  • Avoid using a pillow

Those who have neck pain that’s not going for a while now can consider sleeping on a flat surface without using a pillow. While sleeping resting your head on a flat surface helps lessen the strain on your neck.

  • Cold or hot compress

The best way to relieve mild to chronic neck pain, swelling, or inflammation is by applying either ice or heat compress pads. It helps ease stiff and inflamed muscles to settle down while subsiding pain. Please ensure to refrain from using these techniques for more than 20 minutes.

  • Massage

Indulging in massage therapy is another quick and better option to get relief from painful muscles. It helps relax the muscles, increases blood flow, and decreases stress and anxiety to some extent.

Healing Pharma’s Ortho Relievers

Neck pain usually goes away on its own when taken with little care. In case the pain doesn’t subside despite trying all the home treatments, you should immediately consult the health care expert. Our range of pain relievers is highly effective in managing joint-related pain, soreness, and stiffness. Browse through the range to learn more about our Ayurvedic pain relievers.

Consult your physician for a prescription before you purchase or consume any medication. The above-published content is for information’s sake and is not verified by an expert or specialist. Please speak to your healthcare expert to get complete knowledge on the same.


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