Top Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu

We all hate to fall sick apart from the point of fun being that we get a day to relax and stay away from work and work related calls. Right! But, coming back to the reality, cold and flu are the most common concerns for many individuals these days. The reason being changing weather, pollution and exposure of your body to the unsusceptible surrounding etc.

Falling sick make us irritated, drowsy and it keeps us in the bed cuddled in an uncomfortable position where one just cannot work and neither do the basic chores of our house easily. But, before we jump to the over the counter medicines, there are many home remedies or natural remedies that when combined with medicines may help us tackle the issue of cold and flu very easily and the same time help us build our lost or weakened immunity easily, without having to take any efforts.

  • Honey is available at almost all households. Honey has antimicrobial and anti-bacterial fighting element in it that makes treatment of cold and flu easy. Hot water with lemon and honey will not just re-lift your senses and work on your metabolism and burn fat, but it also helps fight against the severity of cough, cold and flu etc.
  • Small pieces of ginger when boiled in warm water, it is works best against soothing the aching throat or sore throat or cough. Ginger helps in terminating nausea that that is very common when suffering with influenza.
  • Vitamin C has so many benefits one may never imagine. Vitamin C in the form of fruits or vegetables when included as a part of your daily diet, keeps the body strong and fights against the anti-bacterial elements in the body.
  • Intake of Zinc in the diet in the form of red meat, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, eggs, beans can ease the symptoms of cold and flu and make germ fighting white blood cells to tackle the influenza. Zinc supplements are also available in the market to substitute to your diet and natural treatment for cold and flu.
  • The most magical warm solace to our mind, body and soul is a soup. The warmth of the soup cannot be replaced by anything else. A soup is the perfect replacement to fight against infections.

There are many other remedies that can tackle the issue of cold and flu very easily when combined with right medications as prescribed by a doctor along with right diet. If you are feeling miserable and sick even after a few weeks, it is best to get yourself tested for some other ailment or primary infection with the help of your doctor. If you are feeling breathless or feel like faint or experienced severe symptoms, just take help from a doctor and consider taking medicines from Healing Pharma Pvt. Ltd that are listed for treatments against cold and flu and as prescribed in dosages given by the doctor.

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