Ways to Treat Fungal Infection At Home

January 24, 2023by Pooja K371

Fungal infection is the most common infection that occurs on the skin and can transmit into the bloodstream if not treated. This condition occurs every 1 out of 10 individuals due to poor hygiene, and a warm and humid climate. Jock itch, oral thrush, diaper rash, and athlete’s foot are some common fungal infections occurring in an individual. Those infected can experience the aggressive impact of this fungi as it grows rapidly in moist, damp, and restricted environments. With the help of over-the-counter medicines and antifungal creams and a hygienic lifestyle, one can stop the growth of infection.

Ways of Fungal Growth

  1. Living in a hot and humid environment, sweating way too much, or wearing moist clothes can trigger fungal infections.
  2. Fungal infection can arise while compromising immunity when suffering from cancer, HIV, or diabetes.
  3. Staying in an unclean setting and not taking care of personal hygiene can trigger fungal infections as well.
  4. Wearing unclean or dirty clothes including innerwear can lead to fungal infections.
  5. Wearing tight and non-breathable clothes for a prolonged time can trap moisture, leading to fungal growth.
  6. Obesity creates multiple skin folds on the body, becoming a breeding ground for fungus.
  7. Hormonal modifications during pregnancy can lead to infection as well.

Here are some of the causes and symptoms of Fungal Infections 

Out of millions of fungi-based species, surprisingly only 300 of them infect humans. Let’s see some of the common fungal infections and their causes.

Infection: Body Ringworm

Symptoms: You get tinea corpis, and ring-shaped itchy rashes on certain parts of the body.


Infection: Athlete’s foot

Symptoms: They are similar to ringworm but they generally occur on the feet, specifically between the toes.


Infection: Jock itch

Symptoms: It usually occurs near the thigh and groin area. You can see red itchy rashes that can worsen in appearance with time if not treated.


Infection: Scalp Ringworm

Symptoms: It majorly affects the scalp and hair shafts. Highly common in children, they create bald patches associated with pain and redness.


Infection: Tinea versicolor

Symptoms: Oval patches appear on the skin, including the back, chest, and arms in either dark or light shade.


Infection: Onychomycosis

Symptoms: It occurs underneath the toenails and fingernails, associated with discoloration and dull nails.


Home Remedies for Fungal Infections:

  • Aloe Vera 

This versatile ingredient has given each time superior results, and the same follows with treating skin infections. Highly rich in antibacterial and antioxidants, this plant helps inhibit the growth of yeast spores. Moreover, it further helps heal the infected area while repairing skin damage.

  • Garlic

This common kitchen ingredient is widely known for its antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Those who consume garlic on regular basis are less susceptible to any kind of fungal infection. Garlic is further known to support the overall immune system.

  • Neem Leaves

Neem leaves are quite effective at combating various kinds of skin infections. Each leaf contains two medicinal compounds named gedunin and nimbidol. These medicinal compounds make neem powerful against fungal infections. Neem further can purify the bloodstream and detox the digestive system as well.

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut is enriched with Vitamin E and healthy fatty acids. The anti-fungal properties of coconut can help in easing ringworm affecting the scalp. Moreover, this ingredient helps nourish and soothe a sensitive and dry scalp.


Ways to prevent the occurrence of fungal infection

  • Ensure practice of good hygiene at home and out
  • Always wear clean, neatly washed and ironed clothes
  • Avoid wearing non-breathable and tight clothes
  • Ensure to wipe your body clean with a cotton towel after the shower
  • Post-workout make sure you take a shower
  • Always wipe down shared surfaces before using such as yoga mats, or gym equipment.

In case anyone around you is suffering from a fungal infection, ensure to take them to the doctor. OTC pills work efficiently in treating fungal infections in both kids and adults. Your doctor can prescribe the best OTC drug after evaluating your skin condition. Ensure to see your doctor before the condition develops severe as it is contagious and can spread from one person to another. Healing Pharma has the best quality and affordable antifungal medications to heal various skin infections.

The above-published content is for information’s sake and is not verified by an expert or specialist. Please speak to your healthcare expert to get complete knowledge on the same. Our entire range of supplements, ointments, and drugs are only available on doctor’s prescription. We strongly recommend taking doctor’s advice before usage or consumption. 


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