Dermifree Cream

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Active ingredients: Clobetasol + Gentamicin + Clotrimazole + Iodochlorhydroxyquin + Tolnaftate
Strength: 15 g
Brand: Dermifree
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Buy Dermifree Cream 15g on prescription to effectively treat various types of skin infections.


Dermifree Cream 15g is a great combination medication that helps the spread of skin infection while treating the existing infection. The topical application of this cream efficiently minimizes various skin related infections such as itchy skin, swelling, and rashes caused by infection spreading microorganisms. It is the best anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cream used to stop and kill the multiplying microorganism from growing further. It also helps to block the urge to itch while soothing the redness and swelling on the affected area.

Product Details:

Dermifree Cream 15g is meant to be topically applied externally over the affected area or as directed by your healthcare expert. This antibacterial and antifungal cream might take several weeks to show noticeable results on the skin. This cream is applied in the form of a thin layer onto clean and non-damaged skin. This cream has the best five combinations of medications that get absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin to offer relief. Don’t let this cream come in contact with your eyes, mouth, or nose. In case it happens, rinse it off immediately with water and get in touch with your healthcare expert.

Action Mechanism:

Dermifree Cream 15g is an effective combination of five medicines – Clobetasol, Gentamicin, Clioquinol (Iodochlorhydroxyquin), Clotrimazole, and Tolnaftate. Clobetasol is a steroid that helps block the production of certain chemical messengers (such as prostaglandins) that are responsible to itch, swelling, and become red. Gentamicin in this cream plays the role of an antibiotic that kills bacteria leading to a skin infection. Clotrimazole and Tolnaftate are antifungal ingredients that focus to inhibit the growth of fungi on the skin. Iodochlorhydroxyquin is another antibiotic medication with additional antifungal action. The entire five combinations of medicines work together to prevent the growth of infection while preventing it from multiplying.


Dermifree Cream 15g is meant for external application only. To understand how frequently it should be applied, consider speaking to your doctor. For other product related details and how to use it, ensure to check the label. This anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cream is meant to be applied with clean and dry hands over the affected area. Immediately wash your hands after applying this cream.


Dermifree Cream is potentially safe to use under the influence of alcohol, as it is applied topically and not ingested orally. Those who are pregnant should ensure to consult a doctor to understand its safety and efficacy. This antifungal cream should be applied cautiously on the doctor’s advice while breastfeeding.

Side Effects:

Dermifree Cream usually doesn’t have side effects that may require expert attention. Some rare side effects noticed by the user are burning, itching, or irritation on the applied skin or thinning of the skin. If you have been experiencing any kind of side effects for a prolonged duration, ensure to consult your doctor.


If you missed a dose of applying Dermifree Cream, you should apply it as immediately as you can. Ensure to have equal intervals between two applications. Don’t repeat the dosage frequently.


Q. How should I use Dermifree Cream?

Dermifree Cream is used as directed by doctors. This medicated cream is applied thinly over the affected area with clean and dry fingers/hands. This cream is good to be applied at least two to three times a day. Ensure to clean your hands with soap after applying this cream as there are chances of infection spread.

Q. Can I reapply Dermifree Cream frequently?

You can definitely reapply this cream at equal intervals between the two dosages but do not overuse this cream for a long time span on the skin. Constant reapplication can lead to over-absorption of the medicine into the body while resulting in weakening skin tissues, dryness of skin, or skin thinning.

Q. How to store and dispose of Dermifree Cream?

This skin cream should be kept in a dry place with its cap tightly closed. Ensure to keep this cream away from kids, pets, and sunlight.

Q. Can I stop applying Dermifree Cream when my symptoms are relieved?

No, you shouldn’t stop using Dermifree Cream unless the course of treatment is complete as there are chances of infection to come back.

Q. What precautions should be taken while using Dermifree Cream?

Dermifree Cream is not meant to be used on the face or for a longer duration (more than the doctor’s advice). Avoid using this medication with any kind of bandage or dressing.

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