Xheal Cally Soft Lotion

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Buy Cally Soft Lotion for effective skin moisturizing and healing abilities.

Xheal Cally Soft Lotion is a wonderfully derived calamine lotion for skin with Aloe Vera, Rose Water, Calamine, Jojoba Oil, Zinc Oxide, and Light Liquid Paraffin. Excellent for supporting the skin’s barrier and keeping skin infections at bay, this Cally Soft Lotion evenly calms irritated, parched, and dull skin.

Introducing the luxurious deep moisturizing Cally Soft Lotion with Aloe, Rose, and Calamine as primary ingredients. Crafted with the finest natural ingredients, this Aloe Vera Calamine lotion is your ticket to radiant, healthy skin. The calamine lotion is nurtured with rose water and delivers a deep sense of freshness, and skin rejuvenating properties to promote a youthful complexion. It adds a delicate, natural fragrance that will make your skincare routine feel like a spa day, every day.

Experience the intense hydration of Aloe Vera lotion for the skin. It has incredible moisturizing and healing abilities with loads of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants absorbing into your skin for a fresh and dewy appearance. Calamine has a classic impact on the skin as it comprises soothing properties. This multipurpose calamine lotion for the skin acts as a great moisturizer, prevents acne and excess oil formation, and protects the skin against various allergies, itching, or harmful reactions.

How to use

Take Cally Soft Lotion in a pea-sized amount and evenly apply it throughout your skin in circular motions. Ensure to gently rub until the calamine lotion gets absorbed by the skin. You can apply this lotion to your skin every day with or without makeup. The rich creamy texture of Cally Soft Lotion wonderfully glides on the skin to smoothly settle and nourish the area. It is extremely lightweight, non-greasy, and leaves no white cast on application. It works great on all skin types.

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