Are PCOS and Thyroid linked?

March 13, 2023by Pooja K1

The condition of hypothyroidism can lead to PCOS in women. It is referred to as declining sex hormone-binding globulin and escalating androstenedione hormone in the circulation. And nowadays PCOS and thyroid have become highly common among women. Some women who were affected with PCOS had to further deal with the issue of thyroid or hypothyroidism as well. According to the reports, up to 20 percent of PCOS-affected women had thyroid. Vice-e-versa, those who had hypothyroidism also came across PCOS in the future.

What is PCOS?

PCOS, also known as Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome, is considered to impact hormone levels in women. All the women who have PCOS show a high level of the male hormone called androgen in the body. Multiple cysts tend to form in the ovary. Although it can happen to women of all ages, it is highly common to affect those who are between 15-30 years.

The most common symptoms the affected women tend to show are unwanted hair growth on different parts such as the chin, chest, face, back, or stomach. There could be sudden anxiety, depression, mood swings, repeated miscarriages, fatigue, and weak, cysts in the ovaries as well.

What is a thyroid?

It is a butterfly-shaped gland situated near the neck in the front. It is responsible for producing thyroid hormones continuously, and when the gland produces too many hormones, it leads to hyperthyroidism. Similarly, when the thyroid gland fails to produce adequate hormones, it is called hypothyroidism. The next major role of this thyroid gland is to convert food into energy. The metabolism of an individual highly depends on the efficacy of the thyroid gland. The imbalance of thyroid hormone can further trigger other conditions as well. Some of the symptoms of thyroid are hair fall, excessive fatigue, irregular menstruation, anxiety, stress, weight gain, or insomnia.

As some of the symptoms are similar, thyroid and PCOS can be linked with each other, but they can’t be considered the same. Many times, PCOS symptoms are also misdiagnosed and treated as thyroid.

Effective Prevention Tips for Thyroid and PCOS at Home

  • Obesity is one of the primary reasons that trigger thyroid and PCOS. Hence, it is essential to closely watch your weight and control it as and when needed to prevent PCOS or Thyroid in the future.
  • Those with a sedentary lifestyle are prone to thyroid and PCOS. Therefore, it is necessary to have an active lifestyle. Those who are restricted to desk jobs should often get up and stretch or move.
  • Staying physically active can help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, ensure to stay active by working out or performing yoga on regular basis. This is the best way to keep your weight in control while avoiding PCOS and thyroid in the future.
  • A healthy and clean diet can take you a long way. Therefore, ensure to consume a clean, fibrous, and green diet to boost metabolism.

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