Excellent tips to Keep Urinary Tract Infection Away

February 8, 2023by Pooja K317

We all know the importance of drinking plenty of water for the overall healthy functioning of the body. Do you know Urinary tract infection (UTI) is one big reason why you should be having more water?

Well, UTIs are extremely common to occur among women who are either dehydrated or may be lacking proper hygiene. Experts across the globe believe that UTIs happen to those who lack adequate hydration. According to a study staying hydrated by drinking enough water is the best way to keep UTIs at bay.

According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, dehydration intensifies the risk of urinary tract infection in women which further results in falls, confusion, or acute kidney injury. The study also highlighted that elderly women were highly prone to UTIs due to dehydration.

Understanding UTI

UTI is a form of infection that may affect any or many parts of the urinary system. For instance, it may affect the ureters, kidneys, bladder, and urethra. Almost, maximum UTI infections develop or affect the lower part of the urinary tract, such as the urethra and the bladder. It’s not that UTIs don’t occur in men, it does! But according to the survey, women have higher chances of getting UTI when compared to men. The reason is simple, women have shorter urethras which makes it easy for the bacteria to travel through the bladder.

When not taken with proper medication and care in the early stage, the impact of UTI can also spread to the kidneys while affecting overall well-being. The experts suggest those suffering from UTI can show symptoms such as chills, fever, and flank pain which are usually caused due to dehydration in the body. Therefore, the experts strongly suggest consuming a healthy amount of water and seeing the healthcare expert immediately if you show any of its symptoms. Those with severe UTI can show severe issues while urinating which can also restrict regular day-to-day activities.

The first and most common symptom one has during UTI is a strong urge to urinate that too in shorter intervals. Also, you may feel a burning and irritating sensation while urinating, the urine session turns painful gradually, smelly urine, red or bright pink urine, cloudy urine, and mild to intense pain in the pelvic region. If these symptoms surround you, ensure to see your healthcare expert at the earliest. The first thing the doctor would suggest is to drink as much water and other fluids to keep dehydration away.

Role of water consumption during UTI

The more you consume water, it gets diluted and accumulated in your bladder to satiate the urge to urinate. Fluid consumption will kick start the frequent urination process while enabling the bacteria to flush out easily from the urinary tract whilst preventing the further spread of infection. The adequate amount is at least 2-3 litres of water daily in women for healthy body functioning. Low intake or improper intake of this adequate quantity of water can trigger UTIs.

We strongly recommend both men and women not take a urinary tract infection (UTI) lightly as it could impair the entire urinary system. Healing Pharma has the best and most affordable medications to offer relief from the symptoms of UTIs and other kidney problems. Take good care of your family and yourself while staying healthy!


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