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November 21, 2022by Dr. Robin De'souza237

Have you ever gone out supplement shopping and got confused by the look-alike labeled supplements with those exaggerated claims? However, the quenching question striking our minds is: What do these supplements do? Are they delivering results? Can you self-prescribe them? And the answer is yes! You can include these supplements in your daily routine as and when required. But you have to be careful that these supplements shall mean to add value to your daily diet and not meant to be replaced with your regular food intake. Also, those popping these pills should know that they shouldn’t be considered miracle pills. These supplements are clubbed to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

In this modern contemporary world, we are ultimately staying in the unclean world where we are bound to rely on these health-boosting supplements for inner strength and overall wellness. For instance, we are prone to dust and pollution, we hardly get the right amount of sunlight at the right time of the day, moreover, the right amount of sleep to keep up good health naturally.

Here are some highly recommended supplements that you should be choosing for great health:

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is quite a popular supplement among Indians as the maximum population by default are Vitamin d3 deficient. Almost 40 percent of the Indian population is vitamin D deficient. Since our skin is not coherent at activating sunlight into Vitamin due to fluctuating weather.

Vitamin C

It is a potent antioxidant oozing vitamin that helps enhance the body’s blood antioxidant level by naturally protecting cells from free radicals. Vitamin C is responsible for reducing the risk of heart disease by strengthening immune functioning. Moreover, it can maximize the absorption of iron in those who are deficient in it. Vitamin C also accelerates the production of WBCs in the blood, which helps in preventing the body from various infections.

Vitamin B

It is essential to get your daily dose of Vitamin B on the daily basis. The top source of Vitamin B is easily available in seafood and poultry. Since a wide number of people are shifting to a vegetarian or plant-based diet, it is turning into an alarming situation. The best way to get your daily dose of Vitamin B is by consuming additional supplements to meet your needs.


Collagen is one of the crucial proteins for your body that helps enhance your body’s in-built collagen production while improving the superiority of your skin. Collagen is a kind of protein that our body needs to strengthen the health of our hair and skin health. All those who are vegetarians should make a note that collagen supplements are derived from animals, usually taken in capsule or powdered form.


Probiotics and gut health have recently gained a lot of popularity. It is highly essential to regularly ingest probiotics for excellent immunity. Those not-so-fascinating live yeast and bacteria in the body tend to play a vital role in digestion. Probiotics carry healthy bacteria into your system that destroys disease-causing cells.


Zinc is considered a vital mineral for constructing stronger immune health, renewing healthy skin cells, protein production, and DNA synthesis. Moreover, it helps in playing an active role in enhancing skin health. It helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Omega 3

It helps in building and maintaining a healthy body while constructing every cell wall within your body. Omega 3 acts as an excellent source of energy that takes care of your heart, lungs, blood vessels, and immune system. Incorporating Omega 3 supplements in your daily diet can balance those inflamed organs.


Magnesium is quite popular among all the other minerals in the world. It is an essential dietary mineral responsible for promoting smooth bodily functioning. It works amazingly in women who are constantly struggling to keep up the energy throughout the day. Moreover, it helps in attaining sound sleep for sufficient hours. Magnesium can further help in reducing sore muscles, and joint pain while regulating blood sugar levels.

Protein Powders

Pondering on a balanced diet at times can be challenging especially for those who are working. To bridge that gap, you can add protein powder to your regular diet to meet your daily dose of protein intake.

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**Any supplements, capsules or soft gels are meant to be taken under expert supervision only. Those who are pregnant or lactating mothers should avoid taking these tablets. 

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