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November 23, 2022by Dr. Robin De'souza0

We all at least at one time in our life had to deal with pimples on our faces almost that would pop up anywhere in the middle of the night and steal all the charm and limelight. Yes, pimples are no less than the unwanted guest who is never welcomed but stays with you for as much time as they feel like. Let’s not forget about the timings, it appears right when you have your important day to attend where you want to look nothing but fab. There’s no one sane on this planet who says, ‘I love pimples’. Moreover, these stubborn pimples don’t budge easily until they leave a mark behind on their existence. This is enough to dwindle our self-esteem every time we come across someone with a spotless complexion.

What are pimples?

They are little boils arising from excessive sebum (oil) production, bacterial build-up, or trapped dead skin cells under the pores of the skin.

There are many kinds of pimples to ruin your entire look with a single spot:

  • Blackheads – They are recognized as dark bumps which are visible enough lumps of sebum on the skin.
  • Whiteheads – They are recognized as small white-topped bumps visible on the skin.
  • Pustules – They are recognized as a white or yellow bump usually with a red ring around it on the skin.
  • Papules – They have been recognized as visibly inflamed and infected pores with a pinkish exterior.
  • Nodules – They are recognized as firm inflamed bumps that grow within the skin.
  • Cysts – They are recognized as huge pus-filled boils that may indicate a severe form of infection.

It is quite common among teenagers dealing with hormonal imbalances. You need to deal with pimples without blaming yourself for such skin troubles. Rather, show these oily glands who’s the boss!

Causes of Pimples

Intensifying Hormones

The duration while hitting puberty can flare up your hormones at an intense level leading to pimple issues.

Excessive Sebum Production

Those with oily skin tend to release more sebum naturally. It further interacts with follicles, other bacteria, or dead skin cells beneath the skin to clog the breathable pores causing pimples.

Proliferating Bacteria

The naturally present bacteria often tend to multiply faster leading to acne with bacterial inflammation.

Fiery Inflammation

Those red and painful pimples are nothing but the white blood cells present to prevent unwanted bacterial build-up.

Pimples Occurring On Different Body Parts and their Cure:

Pimple on various parts of the body Its Causes Cure
Pimple on Scalp It could be caused by friction by wearing tight headgear, a build-up of any hair product which probably didn’t get wash off. The application of oily hair care products can further interact with the scalp environment to cause pimples. Rinse your hair and scalp effectively with a good quality clarifying shampoo and normal water. Use tea tree oil to combat bacterial build-up on the scalp.
Pimple on Forehead It is common during a stress attack, poor sleeping habits and, poor diet. Moreover, it can also indicate digestive issues. Refrain from dipping for hours into your social media. Instead, get your 8 hours of sleep. Prevent your forehead from dandruff and unwashed bangs of hair falling over it.
Pimple on Eyelid The presence of inflamed oil glands or the arrival of bacteria from different sources can lead to pimples on the eyelid. Refrain from using an eye-makeup from less reliable brands as they can be cruel to your eyes.
Pimple on Nose The onset of pimples on the nose can be due to poor circulatory systems or heart conditions. It can also refer to issues of bloating and constipation. Refrain from persistent scratching of the nose. If needed, use nose pore strips to cleanse the pores.
Pimple on Lips Having pimples over the lip can refer to irregular bowel movements or adverse reactions to the over-consumption of spicy food. You can apply an OTC soother benzoyl peroxide and simultaneously lower the consumption of fried and spicy food.
Pimple on Tongue The occurrence of pimples on the tongue can be due to intake of acidic food, accidental bite, or smoking. Gargle with salt water or anti-bacterial mouthwash.
Pimple on Chin Developing pimples on the chin can refer to hormonal imbalance or other gynaecological issues. Refrain from touching the pimple to avoid direct bacterial contact. You can use an anti-acne cream for relief.
Pimple in Mouth Blisters or pimples occurring in the mouth can be due to hypersensitivity, poor digestion, or mucus build-up in glands. Adopt a clean and healthy diet and ensure to take excellent care of dental health.
Pimple in Ear Oil build-up in the ear can lead to pimples. Also using unclean headphones or bacterial infection from a piercing can be other reasons. Try to use cleansers or a heating pad to ward off infection. Ensure to keep your ears clean on regular basis.
Pimple on Breast The onset of pimples on the breast can be due to genetic factors, side effects of existing medications, or lack of hygiene. Incorporate tea-tree oil in your acne-clearing cream, take shower after each workout session, and wear breathable cotton clothes only.
Pimple on Back Painful pimples or acne on your back can be due to sweat or maybe excess oil or dandruff, or build-up. Regularly shower and wear breathable clothes only. Refrain from consuming fried foods. If possible exfoliate the skin on regular basis.


Products That Prevent Skin Pimples


Using Xheal Neem Tulsi Aloe Vera face wash can be an excellent way to clarify those unwanted breakouts and pimples. Formulated for acne-prone skin, this face wash is worth to be invested in! Extremely effective yet gentle on facial skin, this face wash is made from all herbal ingredients to deliver zero chemical formulated results.


Acnetop gel effectively tackles oily and sensitive skin while soothing irritated skin. It contains superior pimple-combating ingredients like clindamycin and nicotinamide. These powerful ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to manage bacterial pimples, and breakouts while preventing occurrence in the future.


Sweep off all the pimples, acne, and breakouts by using Acnetop Soap. This medicated soap is infused with powerful natural ingredients like Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E to eliminate dead skin cells and moisturize skin complexion. It excellently helps in removing dust, impurities, and bacteria for a spotless skin tone.


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