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May 15, 2023by Yuvraj Patil12

We all know the importance of protein in our daily diet. And adding an extra dose of protein through protein powder is quite hassle-free and a fantastic way to level up your intake. Highly prominent in muscle builders and gym goers, protein powder aids in meeting daily dosage requirements that the body couldn’t get from a regular diet. However, before picking any protein powder, it is important to check what you are actually ingesting. Here’s the list of things you should read before buying any protein supplements.

Ensure to look for the ingredients 

According to the experts, firstly you should go through the ingredient list specified on the label. Usually, there are any of these two types of dairy-based protein – whey, and casein. But as you delve into the label, you will understand the facility in which it is manufactured and the real food category it may fall under. You should also check for any kind of food thickeners, fillers, and artificial sweeteners if present. Experts suggest picking a product that has the fewest lists of ingredients involved, there are no artificial flavourings, additives, vegetable oils, thickeners, and fillers.

Always go for unsweetened products unless you’d prefer a slight touch of sweetness. Ensure the sweetness involves fruit or stevia. Those who are consuming protein supplements for muscle building should also look for its absorption ability. Always choose to pick a product that has at least one branched-chain amino acid (BCAA), as they aid to promote muscle growth and development.

How to determine the necessity of protein powder?

Protein is crucial to meet the daily recommended requirement, no matter if you obtain it naturally or through other sources such as animal-based sources or a protein supplement. Anyone who is already struggling to consume a well-balanced meal should definitely opt for a high-quality natural protein supplement. 

Always remember the thumb rule laid by experts that consuming protein supplements works best post-workout as it helps the hard-core gym goers and athletes to experience speedy muscle recovery. Ingesting enough protein post-workout helps your body to get much-needed amino acids to repair and rebuild muscle wear and tear.

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