Top 5 ways to tackle side effects of antibiotics

On accurate usage, antibiotics work wonders by either killing the bacterial build-up or inhibiting the growth from its origin. These antibiotics are meant to support your natural immune system by fighting off the infection. However, these natural antibiotics may also have side effects that can temporarily impact your health. A few common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, allergic reaction, yeast infections, and inner ear problems.

Here are five ways to tackle the side effects of antibiotics at home:

1.Have probiotic yogurt and milk
While you are on antibiotics course, it is highly essential to include yogurt in your daily diet as it helps your body introduce to ‘good bacteria’. So those who are complaining of diarrhea during the course should eat yogurt as it contains ‘live bacterial cultures’ to overcome the side effects of antibiotics. These gut-friendly bacteria form a layer of protection within the intestines while generating lactic acid to detox bacterial build-up in the body.

2.Incorporate garlic into your diet
Garlic is known to have a natural antibiotic potency that aids kill harmful microbes without delivering any kind of side effects like antibiotic medicines do. Moreover, the important compound ‘allicin’ in garlic protects and promotes kidneys and the liver from any kind of potential damage in the future as antibiotics do. Hence, it is better to add garlic to your daily diet to sweep out harmful residues from the body caused by antibiotics.

3.Sip on hot ginger tea
No matter what you are suffering from, diarrhea, or a stressed mood, a hot cup of ginger tea can alleviate them all. For instance, an individual on antibiotics who may suffer from nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting can get relief with the help of ginger. Also, freshly picked ginger has antibiotic potency that helps soothe food-borne pathogens, and respiratory and periodontal infections to alleviate stomach discomforts.

4.Eat bland foods
The side effects of antibiotics can be subsided by eating only bland food throughout the course and after the course. Bland food includes plain bread, dry crackers, white rice, etc. Pondering more on carbohydrate-rich, spicy, or sugary food can only aggravate the side effects.

5.Consume antibiotic medications on prescription and as directed
Anyone taking antibiotics should take them whole with water only. Ensure to consume antibiotics only under the supervision of the healthcare expert as taking in improper dosage or for an extended period can have an adverse impact on your health. Make sure to complete your antibiotic course even if your symptoms have cleared. You should finish the entire prescribed antibiotic course as directed by physician, even if your symptoms clear up.

Yuvraj Patil

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