Lifestyle Changes to Adopt for Healthy Brain Functioning

Our brain functions on regular basis have a direct impact on our mental health medicine. Our mood swings, the way we feel, our ability to focus, and exhaustion, every little thing depends on the brain. Don’t you think of being focused on your goals and being motivated and pumped all the time naturally? Well, it’s possible now with optimal brain functioning and these simple changes in your lifestyle can eventually boost your brain.

Ways to boost brain functioning

1. Get lots of sunlight

There are studies suggesting that people who get an adequate amount of exposure to sunlight can see a healthy spike in dopamine levels. So, if you wish to see the difference, try getting just a few minutes of morning sunshine to see a noticeable difference in your ability to focus and the alertness of your brain. The next best thing to happen if you wake up early in the morning is that you will fall asleep at night quickly to get a healthy amount of sleep. Your overall our best health supplements will boost, and your habits tend to improve.

2. Say no to refined sugar

Sugar and salt should be consumed in a restricted amount. If you completely hold on to your addiction to refined sugar, you can healthily boost your brain. Overconsumption of sugar and salt in your daily diet makes your appetite insatiable. And this is the primary reason for bingeing endlessly on chips and desserts in excess. It is a healthy habit to smartly replace refined sugar with substitutes like honey and jaggery. This will help in regulating your blood sugar levels without exploding your cravings further.

3. Optimise your sleep pattern

Sleep pattern plays the most crucial role in maintaining excellent health. Lack of a healthy sleep pattern can disturb your sleep schedule while making you feel drained and low on energy throughout the day. According to the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, it is extremely important for any adult till the age of 60 years to get at least 7-9 hours of sound sleep at night. To have a proper sleep pattern, ensure to avoid consuming caffeine post noon, ensure to sleep and wake up at the same time regularly and limit your screen time before hitting the bed.

4. Move your body daily

It is highly essential to indulge in the physical movement for at least 10 minutes on daily basis to see a sharp improvement in mood. Regularly indulging in aerobic exercise for 15 minutes will make you feel energetic, refreshed, and pumped up for the entire day. Also, those who involve in physical activity tend to have a better ability to focus.

5. Focus on small moments of happiness

To feel happy, it is not essential to have extravagant reasons or some grand celebrations on regular basis. You can instantly find happiness and pleasant feeling after speaking to someone special, cooking your favorite food, listening to a song, sip on some tea or coffee, or maybe indulging in a fruitful workout session. Figure out and indulge in your instant mood-lifting act to keep your mood in check and brain fuelled.

6. Practice meditation

Meditation is not being restricted to sitting cross-legged in a certain position to chant ‘om’, it could be anything that would clear your mind off from all the clutter and sound while enabling you to focus on your breathing pattern. This could also enable your thoughts to flow in without any signals of judgment. In short, anything that gives peace to your mind would be counted as your kind of meditation. It could be dancing, walking, or maybe meditating for at least 10 minutes.

7. Consume omega 3

With so many foods that promised to boost brain health, Omega 3 fatty acids are surely on the top. They are the building blocks of our brain but we usually don’t get the same in enough proportion from our daily diet. According to studies published online, it is essential to consume 1000 mg of omega-3 per day to lift the mood on daily basis. The portion of omega-3 can be achieved from a daily diet including fish, walnuts, flaxseed, and supplements.

8. Stay hydrated

Our brain is made of up 75 percent of water content. Even a minute dip in water content can make you feel lethargic wherein, whereas keeping yourself well hydrated can boost your brain health. When you are adequately hydrated, your body starts producing neurons that efficiently take care of the smooth functioning of each organ of the body.

Yuvraj Patil

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