Safe Supplements for New Moms-To-Be

May 15, 2024by admin

Hey, congratulations on the upcoming good news! Now that you are finely tuning into a new glowing leaf of motherhood, you might want to take additional care of yourself to ensure you and your baby are both doing well. To take a healthy pregnancy further, it is essential to get all the nutrients throughout the nine months. All this while, your doctor might recommend taking macro nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, and fats that balance out your inner requirements of vitamins, minerals, and other trace elements necessary for steady growth.

Importance of Add-on Supplements for New Moms

For soon-to-be mothers, going on the wonderful journey of pregnancy is both exciting and overwhelming. Amidst the excitement and expectation, it is critical to consider both your health and the well-being of your growing child. While a well-balanced diet is vital for a healthy pregnancy, it can be difficult to receive all of the necessary nutrients from food alone. That’s where add-on supplements come in as your trusted sidekick, ensuring that you and your child get all of the essential vitamins and minerals they require to thrive. From folic acid to iron, these supplements give your body the extra assistance it needs during this remarkable time. Consider them your hidden weapon, helping to bridge the gap between what you eat and what your body needs to grow a new life.

Top Safe & Essential Supplements for New Moms-to-be

1.       Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are excellent to meet the increased demand for micronutrients while you’re pregnant. Your doctor might recommend taking such a blend of nutrients from the first day of your pregnancy or, in some cases, a month before planning pregnancy. According to a recent report, taking such multivitamin supplements reduces the risk of pre-term and other dangerous complications in both mother and child.

2.       Folate

Folate is nothing but Vitamin B which promotes the production of red blood cells and efficient fetal growth. Also known as folic acid, it is a synthetic form of folate that a lot of new moms consume. Any pregnant woman has to take a recommended dosage of 600 ug of folic acid or folate per day to lower the chances of congenital abnormalities or neural tube defects in the baby. Although we get folic acid from our daily diets, such as citrus foods, leafy greens, wheat, rice, and beans, a lot of women during pregnancy fall into the deficit bracket. 

3.       Iron

According to the reports, almost 75 percent of Indian women fall under the category of anemia. The body tends to lose a lot of blood while delivering the baby, which is why doctors highly recommend consuming iron supplements. It ensures an increase in the volume of blood in the body by nearly 50 percent in new mothers. Iron plays a pivotal role in carrying oxygen, ensuring the fetus and placenta get all the nourishment through the chord throughout the pregnancy. 

4.       Vitamin D

We all know the importance of Vitamin D; it helps strengthen bones while warding off diseases such as dementia, diabetes, and some cancers in women. Many Indians fall into the deficient bracket when it comes to this fat-soluble vitamin, and this is the main reason for poor immunity. 

5.       Magnesium

Not many know, but doctors do recommend consuming magnesium, as it is involved in carrying out hundreds of chemical reactions within your body. Individuals with deficiencies of magnesium during pregnancy have an increased risk of high blood pressure and premature labour. 

6.       Fish Oil

Consuming a fish oil supplement has become crucial for everyone as it contains DHA and EPA (essential fatty acids), which are responsible for brain development in adults and babies too. According to the reports, those women consuming DHA and EPA during their pregnancy have an infant with a sharp mind. 

Fuel Your Nutrition with Healing Pharma

Now that you know what healthcare supplements you should be pondering throughout your pregnancy, make sure to get them prescribed by your healthcare physician. Healing Pharma has a huge range of health support tablets and nutraceutical supplements to fuel up all the needs and requirements of the body. New moms should ensure to consume these tablets under their gynaecologist’s supervision. Follow the instructions and dosage as advised by your healthcare expert. So, to all the expectant mothers out there, remember that accepting these supplements isn’t just about you; it’s a testimonial to the boundless love you already have for your wonderful bundle of joy.

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