Tips to Protect Your Families Health from Rising Pollution

April 24, 2023by Yuvraj Patil19

Air pollution is on the rise, the outdoor environment is already hazardous and slowly breaking down the indoor environment as well. This has been continuously on the rise, causing hurdles in breathing cleaner air. Children and elderly people are highly prone to the physical damage of this constant chaos in the atmosphere. Some of the primary sources of air pollution that tend to be constant are from household combustion devices, non-electric motor vehicles, and industrial setups emitting hazardous air. Result? Increase in respiratory conditions among people, heart disease, and premature deaths. Long-duration exposure may have a chronic impact on the organs. The most harmful of all time is the PM2.5 particle that has the ability to penetrate deeper into Lung pathways and the bloodstream to infect the organ.

The adverse health impacts of air pollution are as follows:-

  • Irritated sensation in eyes, throat, and nose
  • Constant coughing and chest congestion
  • Respiratory and cardiovascular diseases
  • Damage to the Lung cells
  • Less oxygen flow to the organs

Through this article, we strongly encourage people to indulge in environment clean initiatives. Here are some tips to protect your family from such hazardous air pollution.

 Tips to avoid air pollution

  • Ensure to stay indoors as much as you can.
  • Before stepping out of the house, ensure to use a face mask.
  • Restrict from exercising outdoors, usually in the morning when the environment is full of heavy smog.
  • Avoid burning things that would create heavy particulate smoke, restricting breathing.
  • Make use of air purifiers at home to clean the quality of air at regular intervals.
  • Plant oxygen producing plants such as Peace Lily, and Spider Plant to purify the home naturally.
  • Avoid smoking indoors and if possible quit smoking to healthify your lungs while saving others from being a passive smokers.
  • Hydrate and condition your body by eating immunity-boosting fruits and veggies.
  • Indulge in supporting clean and green environment initiatives.

Get immediate help with medications if any symptoms develop, under a doctor’s supervision.

Yuvraj Patil

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