Causes & Treatment for Broken Blood Vessel in Eye

April 26, 2023by Yuvraj Patil312

Have you ever woken up with a reddish spot in an eye somewhere around your eyeball? Well, that’s the bursting of a blood vessel in the eye that might get you into panic mode. Also known as subconjunctival haemorrhage in medical terms, it may seem alarming. But the ophthalmologist explains, it could happen to anyone who does not need acute medical attention.

To understand in layman’s language, this condition refers to the breaking or bursting of blood vessels behind the surface of your eye. It evidently looks like a bruise in your keeping your eyes health that may worse if you tend to rub. Usually, the blood gets confined as the conjunctiva fails to absorb blood quickly. Hence, the broken blood vessel is seen only when the white area of your eye has visibly turned red.

Causes of a blood vessel breaking in the eye

Anyone with a broken blood vessel in the eye may not have any issues. There could be a lot of reasons for an eye blood vessel to break. For instance:-

  • Sharp rubbing of an eye
  • Trauma to the eye
  • Coughing
  • Old or dirty contact lenses

Is this condition serious?

The scenario may seem alarming as the bloody patch can be clearly visible in your eye. However, according to the ophthalmologist, the condition isn’t that alarming unless it has annoying symptoms associated with your eye. In case of any issue or symptoms, ensure to call the doctor. If there’s swelling, discharge, puffiness, or changes in your vision, you might need to see your doctor immediately. The ophthalmologist may examine the damaged vessel to investigate the intensity. As usual, any normally broken blood vessel should clear up within two weeks.

Ways to treat this condition

The best thing about this condition is that it doesn’t require any medical attention unless the condition is bothering you. Those who develop irritation should consult an ophthalmologist for the solution. The doctors usually suggest 2 weeks to self-heal. In case the damage is severe, it may demand more time to clear. At times, while the healing takes place, it may also lead to discoloration. It slowly fades as any other bruise does. Those who are suffering from irritation or swelling should take the help of ice packs or other over-the-counter (OTC) best eye drops products to reduce the impact. The impact of a cold compress can effectively minimize inflammation and swelling.

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